OSG introduces onboard ScreeneX embedded glass screens


USA: Currently being trialled on light rail vehicles in New Jersey and suburban trains Germany, ScreeneX embedded glass screen technology was launched in the North American market by supplier Oran Safety Glass at the APTA trade show in Atlanta.

ScreeneX has already been deployed in numerous station and outdoor applications, but Israeli firm OSG sees significant potential for onboard use in the rail sector, particularly for provision of real-time information. The embedded screens would use all of the existing elements of a window or internal screen, and can be powered from the vehicle’s existing auxiliary supply.

One application being trialled is the use of screens by doorways to highlight the train’s destinations and stopping patterns. ‘This could really help to reduce dwell time in suburban and metro operations, giving people immediately visible information, whether from inside the saloon or from the platform’, says Chris Grilliot, Vice-President of Sales, Rail & Transit. ‘Advertising and entertainment services could also be added, meaning the window delivers a return on investment.’