NanoEC™smart glass – a new world of possibilities

OSG and Heliotrope Technologies Inc. will join forces at the InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin this fall.

The joint introduction of Heliotrope’s NanoEC™ smart glass technology at the OSG booth at this year’s trade show marks the next step in what has been a long and collaborative
relationship between the two companies.

“As more people rely on train transportation, the need for real-time passenger comfort makes this a win-win for the passenger and operator. Eliminating the need to fumble around with dirty
curtains or lack of, the passenger now can control the shade level without compromising their experience or view. Why suffer from overheating, the blinding sun or worse yet high UV exposure
when the control is at your fingertips! The operator has a major advantage too. This real-time control of shading side windows, while the cars are sitting in the yard on a hot day, will lower the
HVAC load creating less wear and tear on the system and lower operating costs. In-addition, the operator will notice a weight reduction (no curtains = technology is in the existing window space)
and minimal cleaning/maintenance reducing this expense to the operator as well”, says Chris Grilliot, VP of North American Sales at OSG.


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OSG acquires longtime Spanish partner, Vental

Daniel Cohen, CEO of OSG, a world leader in smart glazing solutions, is proud to announce the company’s acquisition of Manufacturas Vental S.A. (, Spanish designers and manufacturers of windows and other advanced aluminum systems for railway, automotive and marine applications, headed by CEO CarlosMaiso.  Longtime partners, OSG and Vental mutually benefit from the acquisition and are excited to embark upon future developments together: OSG will now be able to expand its reach and services into the European market, while Vental, still under the same management, will be able to offer their customers complete glazing solutions and enjoy faster, more seamless and uninterrupted product manufacturing processes. Vental customers can expect the same great products and services, elevated by OSG’s cutting-edge experience and expertise.

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The new ScreeneX Products you can see at InnoTrans 2018

OSG (Oran Palmach Tzuba A.C.C. Ltd.) is exhibiting new developments of its innovative ScreeneX technology at Innotrans 2018. ScreeneX is a product-line of screens fully-embedded inside glass elements for on-board passenger Information screens systems (PIS). ScreeneX is implemented in side-windows and glass partitions on-board various types of rail and public transportation vehicles. ScreeneX products are […]

Looking Back at APTA Expo 2017

After months of anticipation and three bustling days on the show floor, it’s hard to believe APTA Expo 2017 is now in our rearview mirror. One of the largest public transportation expos in the world brought together 12,000 industry leaders to discover new innovations, explore trends and discuss pressing issues.

Hundreds of exhibitors showcased how their expertise and products will help shape the future of public transportation – from improving safety and efficiency to optimizing passenger comfort. We participated in many discussions around public transit’s role in driving economic growth and how advances in technology are changing the way people move within their communities.

The new demands being placed on transit authorities by riders was also a hot topic at APTA – with many believing millienials are responsible for the push towards interconnected technologies and a more comfortable ride. It’s evident that transit authorities are being forced to think beyond their ability to run buses and trains on schedule, as design came up time and time again during conversations with show attendees.

We’re excited to report our official launch of ScreeneX® at the APTA Expo received rave reviews. Representatives from transit authorities of all sizes said they could see how using ScreeneX® – a sleekly designed screen fully embedded inside the glass that transforms windows and partitions into real-time digital displays – would be a value-add for their riders.

At OSG, we understand that every decision operators make must consider the experience of the passenger and the safety of the crew. That’s why we’re working hard to bring solutions to market that tap an unmet need for transit authorities. To find out more how we can work together, please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin, Germany!