Custom Glass Fabrication

What Are The Various Uses Of Custom Glass Fabrication?

Custom glass fabrication has found uses in every sector including security, transportation, construction, and even interior design. A piece of glass has many advantages over other materials including metal and wood. Glass can be fabricated to become as strong as metal and as light as feather.

Let’s discuss the salient features of custom glass

  1. Strength

Glass is fragile but fabricated glass is strong. It is so strong that it can replace metal while bulletproofing vehicles. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is only glass fabrication technology that has made it possible to bulletproof vehicles. For example, military vehicles have heavy metal sheets but they need ballistic-rated glass for windshields.


  1. Safety

Armored glass provides the ultimate safety to security forces. Powered to withstand the force of bullets even from a close range, it is the best material to use for bulletproofing vehicles and buildings. Also, its lightweight design and flexibility further enhance its uses. For example, it can be molded into any design and fixed on any frame including metal and wood.


  1. Privacy

Fabricated glass with its light control feature can ensure complete privacy to users. It is this feature that makes it suitable for the construction industry. You can call it privacy glass because it looks opaque from the outside and transparent from the inside. It is for this reason it is a first choice of modern offices.


  1. Durable

The durability of fabricated glass is unquestionable. It can withstand wear and tear for many years without showing any sign of exhaustion. Also, it is designed to withstand the pressure of air on fast-moving things, especially trains. Fabricated glass is widely used for train window protection because it is the only glass that doesn’t crack or break on coming into contact with objects even at a high speed.


  1. Heat control

A piece of glass can be fabricated to control light. For example, you can reduce the amount of light coming inside your home by up to 70% to keep the inside area cool. Similarly, you can increase the amount of light traveling into your home with heat control windows.



Custom glass fabrication has changed the uses of glass. A piece of fragile glass can now be used for bulletproofing, sound-proofing, and light-proofing vehicles and edifices. Also, the glass can be fabricated for interior design. Fabrication technology can make it colorful for interior design purposes.