Ballistic Rated Glass

What Are Smart Uses Of Ballistic Rated Glass?

Glass fabrication is a revolution and this is evident from various uses of fabricated glass pieces. First, you should know what glass fabrication is. It is a technology that allows improving the properties and features of a piece of glass. For example, take bullet-resistant glass. It is a piece of fabricated glass.

Let’s discuss the various uses of fabricated glass


  1. Bulletproofing

When it comes to fabricating a piece of glass, the first thing that comes to mind is bulletproofing. Glass is fragile but fabrication makes it tough enough to withstand the pressure exerted by bullets and blasts. It can be made tough enough to be used for bulletproofing military vehicles and SUVs of heads of state and other important persons.


  1. Train windshields

Ballistic rated glass is just perfect for making impact-resistant windshields for trains. A train moves at a high speed and at this speed, anything that travels with air can easily break the windshield. But toughened glass can withstand anything that can damage a piece of regular glass. Just like train windshields, toughened glass can also be used in helicopters and boats.


  1. Architecture

Fabricated glass is the best material for building façade design. It provides both transparency and protection. Also, it can be used to control the light entering a building. In this way, fabricated glass façade can help keep a building cool in summer. Fabricated glass is suitable for use as windowpanes. You can even make glass doors to keep an eye on visitors to your office.


  1. Smart glass

Fabricated glass can make a smart window display that works like a mobile. This display can be used in trains, buses, and airports. The display can help update the passengers about bus routes, train timings, upcoming flights, availability of seats in trains, canceled flights, and much more. It can customer service experience of passengers.

An interactive window display can be used anywhere including shopping malls and large complexes. They are good to use like digital noticeboards on which you can run any information. For example, a shopping mall uses an interactive display to update about new products, new launches, and discounts.

Glass fabrication can be useful in many ways but the biggest advantage of this technology is the development of a smart window display. With fabricated glass, you can control light and heat. Also, the window can help keep your customers updated about the latest offers of your business.

Interactive Display Systems

How Is The Transport Industry Using Transparent Armor Technology?

Transparent armor technology can be called a breakthrough for defense and security agencies. It is about using glass as a piece of armor. For example, take the windshield of a bulletproof car. Bulletproofing won’t be complete until the vehicle gets a bullet-resistant windshield. Similarly, the windowpanes of the car need to be replaced with blast-resistant glass.

Let’s see how glass fabrication is changing the use of glass


  1. Use Everywhere

A piece of toughened glass can be used anywhere without any worries. Since it is safe from physical damage even from blasts, there is little to worry about toughened glass. For example, you can increase the size of windows without worrying about the safety of the glass. Similarly, toughened glass doors can be replaced with wooden doors. You can keep an eye on outdoors from your glass door.


  1. Bulletproofing made easy

With bulletproof glass, you can make everything safe. Whether it is your windowpane or a glass door, you can feel safe and secure behind the glass. Its bullet-resistance power will protect you from enemy fires and blasts. No one will be able to break the glass barrier so you get enough time to call help.


  1. Get better views

If you are bulletproofing your car, you can increase the size of windshields so you get a better view of the outside. In other words, there will be no shield for your enemies to hide. First, you will feel safe in your car and second, the better and bigger outside view will keep you in a better position. You can see what is happening outside and locate a safe way to get out of a situation.


  1. Safe transportation and traveling

Railways provide safe transportation of goods and travel to long distances. It has been made possible with the built quality of rail engines and bogies. The use of more glass allows travelers to enjoy outside views. Similarly, the engine drivers get a better and bigger of the tracks ahead. The use of glass is increased in rails because the glass is toughened to remain safe.

Impact resistant railway windshield can withstand the pressure of wind and the stray particles that travel with the wind. Also, the glass provides effective protection against rioting mobs. The driver and passengers can feel safe as the glass won’t allow anything including bullets and shrapnel to cause any harm to them. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the new safety windshield has improved the speed of trains.