Custom Glass Fabrication

What Are The Various Uses Of Custom Glass Fabrication?

Custom glass fabrication has found uses in every sector including security, transportation, construction, and even interior design. A piece of glass has many advantages over other materials including metal and wood. Glass can be fabricated to become as strong as metal and as light as feather.

Let’s discuss the salient features of custom glass

  1. Strength

Glass is fragile but fabricated glass is strong. It is so strong that it can replace metal while bulletproofing vehicles. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is only glass fabrication technology that has made it possible to bulletproof vehicles. For example, military vehicles have heavy metal sheets but they need ballistic-rated glass for windshields.


  1. Safety

Armored glass provides the ultimate safety to security forces. Powered to withstand the force of bullets even from a close range, it is the best material to use for bulletproofing vehicles and buildings. Also, its lightweight design and flexibility further enhance its uses. For example, it can be molded into any design and fixed on any frame including metal and wood.


  1. Privacy

Fabricated glass with its light control feature can ensure complete privacy to users. It is this feature that makes it suitable for the construction industry. You can call it privacy glass because it looks opaque from the outside and transparent from the inside. It is for this reason it is a first choice of modern offices.


  1. Durable

The durability of fabricated glass is unquestionable. It can withstand wear and tear for many years without showing any sign of exhaustion. Also, it is designed to withstand the pressure of air on fast-moving things, especially trains. Fabricated glass is widely used for train window protection because it is the only glass that doesn’t crack or break on coming into contact with objects even at a high speed.


  1. Heat control

A piece of glass can be fabricated to control light. For example, you can reduce the amount of light coming inside your home by up to 70% to keep the inside area cool. Similarly, you can increase the amount of light traveling into your home with heat control windows.



Custom glass fabrication has changed the uses of glass. A piece of fragile glass can now be used for bulletproofing, sound-proofing, and light-proofing vehicles and edifices. Also, the glass can be fabricated for interior design. Fabrication technology can make it colorful for interior design purposes.

Auto Glass Manufacturing

What Is Latest In Auto Glass Manufacturing?

Glass fabrication technology has transformed auto glass manufacturing for the better. The automobile industry is one of the largest consumers of glass that is used for making windshields. Glass is used by the entire transport industry. Regular glass isn’t suitable for this because of its fragile nature. It breaks into pieces on coming into contact with high force.

What type of glass does transport industry need?

Windshield glass has to be strong enough to withstand force. If it breaks into pieces, it can harm the driver and passengers. It shouldn’t break for the safety of users. Such glass can only be fabricated by mixing specific ingredients that make the glass strong. High wind and debris traveling with wind are the biggest enemies of windshields. The travel industry needs glass that has high impact-resistance power.

Glass can be fabricated to make armored windshields for the security industry. Military needs bulletproof vehicles to travel. They need to remain safe from sudden attacks and the best way to ensure safety is to travel in bulletproof vehicles. For bulletproofing, they need toughened glass that can be fabricated in factories. Bulletproof vehicles provide security from all corners. The glass used in these vehicles provides greater visibility and enhanced safety.

A robust windshield is an asset. It provides both safety and visibility to the driver and passengers. It can withstand great impact from flying objects, bullet fires, and blasts. It can be fabricated to enhance its strength. For example, automobile windshields can be fabricated according to their uses. Bulletproof glass is for armored vehicles and impact-resistant glass is for non-military vehicles.

Impact-resistant railway windshield is a product of glass fabrication. Fabricated for trains, this glass provides added protection to the public transport system. Train windshields and windows are always the target of unruly mobs and wild animals that often come in the way of trains. However, fabricated glass can keep trains safe from rioting mobs and charging animals.

A windshield makes a protective barrier between the occupants of an automobile and foreign objects. If a sharp object hits the windshield, the glass will disperse the force to prevent breaking. It can crack under pressure but won’t break.

Auto glass manufacturing has changed with the technology change. The latest glass fabrication technology has helped the automobile industry in many ways. First, it has enhanced the safety of automobiles and second, it has helped make bulletproof vehicles at minimum price.

Custom Glass Fabrication

What Is Custom Glass Fabrication?

Custom glass fabrication is a game changer for everyone because glass is used everywhere. For example, glass is needed for bulletproofing vehicles and for creating soundproof buildings. But everything starts with fabricating glass. If you want to know about glass fabrication technology, you should know about its applications.

Security industry

Prevention is always better than cure. Security forces want to take utmost protection to prevent any untoward incident. Bulletproofing of security vehicles is the best way to keep security forces and their arms and ammunition safe from sudden attacks by terrorists. Also, the security forces can easily control unruly mobs and terror attacks from armored vehicles. Anti-ballistic glass can also be used to enhance the security of strategic buildings.

Construction industry

Armored glass has found uses in the construction industry. Fabricated glass has great sound-absorbing power. It can be used for making soundproof buildings. A glass building looks beautiful and if the glass is fabricated, it can become completely soundproof. There could be noise pollution on the outside but there will be silence inside the building. In this way, fabricated glass can help improve the quality of construction.

Fabricated glass can protect buildings from damage by rough weather conditions. The use of fabricated glass can minimize the damage caused by high winds, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. Nature’s fury can damage regular glass and in this way cause heavy damage to regular glass but fabricated glass can withstand heavy pressure. It can keep windows and doors safe from heavy force exerted by nature.

Transport industry

Fabricated glass is just perfect for train window protection. Trains run at a high speed at which wind produces a great force sufficient to damage regular glass. Also, people often stop trains to protest and damage public property. Fabricate glass not only provides added protection to trains but improves their visual appeal as well. For example, fabricated glass can be used to design modern trains.

Smart glass

Fabricated glass can be converted into a digital display with the help of mobile technology. In this way, a smart window can be created. This window can be used to communicate with passengers. Transporters can send important communication to passengers with smart windows.


Custom glass fabrication can change everything from the use of glass to the cost of glass. For example, take a glass building. An all-glass front will look new forever. Also, it will need little maintenance and repair work.

Breakthrough Transparent Armor Solutions


As the strategic landscape evolves, the need for advanced survivability systems has never been more paramount. Producing combat-proven systems that have demonstrated their worth in recent combat operations worldwide, OSG provides cutting-edge transparent armor technologies, engineered to deliver uncompromising protection and operational capabilities to modern defense forces.

Battle-Proven Transparent Armor

OSG’s transparent armor solutions have undergone the ultimate test – the unforgiving realities of combat. From Central Asia’s hot climate and harsh terrain to the frozen winters in Eastern Europe and the urban battlegrounds of the Middle East, our systems have shielded personnel and assets against numerous threats. Battle-scarred remnants of an IDF Namer APC vision block testify to the extreme conditions that armored vehicles face in urban combat. Despite suffering extensive damage from anti-tank rockets and medium-caliber gunfire, our transparent armor fulfilled its vital role – safeguarding the crew.

Comprehensive Protection Systems

Our transparent armor expertise extends far beyond monolithic glazing. OSG provides complete protection systems comprising advanced materials designed to withstand advanced threats, robust framing, and sealing that endures harsh environmental conditions, tightly integrated into efficient and robust protection systems. Our solutions are not just limited to combat vehicles. In recent projects, OSG has demonstrated its ability to fuse top-tier protection with sophisticated design in commercial vehicles, like the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300, providing covert protection without compromising the vehicle’s iconic look. This holistic approach ensures performance that exceeds the highest standards, including ATPD-2352, STANAG 4569 levels, NIJ, VPAM, and DIN 52290. Validated by our ISO 17025-certified lab, these solutions meet the rigorous demands of the US Army, USMC, NATO forces, and international military clients.

Driving Innovation

At the forefront of combat survivability, OSG is pioneering next-generation solutions to counter evolving threats. CERALITE™ ultra-lightweight technology strikes the optimal balance between ballistic integrity and agility for aircraft, helicopters, and personal armor applications. The revolutionary ADI™ transparent armor boasts an extended service life, withstanding harsh operating environments without compromising visibility. Additionally, the ScreeneX® glass-embedded digital display streamlines vehicle interfaces, maximizing space utilization and situational awareness.

Experience the Future of Survivability

“OSG provides a vital platform to engage with the global defense community,” stated Michael Schwartz, CEO. “We invite attendees to experience our transparent armor solutions first-hand and witness how our commitment to innovation leads to combat survivability on the modern battlefield.”

You are invited to contact us and explore our complete range of vehicle armoring, aircraft protective systems, personal shields, and marine glazing applications. Contact us to set a meeting with members of our expert team.

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Train Glass

What Are The Various Uses Of Fabricated Train Glass?

Train glass is fabricated to make it tough for things that hit fast-moving trains. First is the wind pressure that can shatter a piece of regular glass. Second are the small pieces of stones and other materials that travel with air. They gather enough kinetic energy to break regular windshields. But fabricated glass sheets can remain safe from everything harmful to regular glass.

A windscreen is needed to get a clear view of the tracks and signals. Also, trains need large windscreens to allow drivers to get a better view of the tracks. Regular glass can’t be used for making large windscreens because it can break at high speed. Also, regular glass shatters into minute pieces that can injure the drivers. But there is no such fear or apprehension with fabricated sheets that can toughened even to withstand bullet fires.

It is only with glass fabrication that train windshields are enlarged to provide a better view to drivers. Also, fabricated sheets improve the beauty of trains. A fabricated sheet is light in weight but tough enough to remain intact in all conditions. However, it is only one of the many uses of fabricated sheets. In reality, glass fabrication has benefitted trains in many ways.

For example, take the small screens in trains. These screens are used to aware passengers of the upcoming stations so they can get ready to de-board the train. Also, the screens can be used to run important information like extreme weather conditions and advertisements.

A digital window display can be used to communicate with passengers and answer frequently asked questions about the routes, stations, time taken in the journey, and amenities available in the train and stations. Also, the smart display can be used to make money by running advertisements for brands.

Brands that want to reach out to people can collaborate with railway officials to run their ads on smart displays. A smart display can be controlled safely from a remote place. Also, the display has no fear of breaking. Made of fabricated sheets, these displays can be used anywhere. They will remain safe from thunderstorms, hailstorms, and physical attacks.

Fabricated train glass is stronger than its regular counterpart and it can be used in many ways. Fabrication technology allows making changes in the properties of glass sheets. For example, a piece of fabricated glass can be turned opaque or transparent according to the situation.

Armoring Solutions

What Are The Uses Of A Smart Window Display?

Glass fabrication is a revolution and this is evident from the various uses of fabricated glass sheets. For example, take a piece of toughened sheet. It is developed to become tough in hard objects like small stone pieces traveling with wind. Also, it can be further improved to provide armored glass solutions to the world militaries.

A windshield is the weakest part of an automobile but you can’t do away with it because it is needed to provide a clear view to the driver. In earlier times, the windscreens of military vehicles were kept small and covered with steel bars to prevent things including stray bullets from hitting the windshields. But today fabricated glass has taken the place of older and weaker windscreens.

Glass fabrication has the armoring solutions the world needs to empower security forces so they can help society without risking their lives and ammunition. For example, take an armored vehicle used to carry soldiers to and from battlefields. This vehicle has high-quality steel that can withstand even bullets and blasts. But it is a fabricated sheet that makes an armored vehicle suitable for driving even under constant fire.

Bulletproofing is one of the many uses of fabricated glass sheets as they are also used in the construction industry. They are used for making glass facades that not only look beautiful but also provide added safety to buildings. If you think that a glass front will compromise the privacy of the buildings then you are wrong.

Fabricated glass can control visibility. For example, you can get a clear view of the outside but the front will remain opaque from the outside. Also, you can control the amount of light entering from the glass front. In this way, you can keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter. But the biggest advantage of fabricated glass is the making of a smart window display.

Can you believe that a display unit can be used to communicate with viewers? It is possible. A display can be connected to the latest communication technology and the display converted into a communication device.

A smart window display has many uses in trains and stations. It can be used to update and educate passengers on the routes, upcoming stations, travel time, and amenities available in the train and stations. The display unit can be set anywhere and controlled from a remote place in a hassle-free manner.

Bullet-Resistant Glass

What Are The Civilian Uses Of A Bullet-Resistant Glass?

A piece of glass can be fabricated to change its uses. Starting from bulletproofing to controlling light, it can be used in different ways. It can be a bullet-resistant glass useful for military applications or it can be a decorative piece for facade improvement. In this blog, we will discuss various uses of a piece of fabricated glass.

Military uses

Military vehicles need bulletproofing to keep going in border areas, forests, and other high-risk zones. Trucks used for movement of troops are designed to tread for off-roading. They can take armed soldiers and commandos safely to disturbed areas and rescue them from battlefields. Military trucks are made strong with thick metal plates. But the bulletproofing is completed only when they get powerful windshields. Bulletproof windshields give a clear view of the area and keep the soldiers safe from stray bullets.

VIP security

Vehicles used for VIP movement and security are properly bulletproofed with heavy metal plates and windshields. VIPs sitting inside their SUVs remain invisible to outsiders but the large windscreen allows a clear view of the road ahead. A large windscreen is needed to find the safest and shortest way to avoid confronting situations. VIPs of the world rely on armored glass solutions for safe movements.

Façade designing

A glass façade looks more beautiful because of its shine. Also, it remains young forever. In other words, glass doesn’t age. Once cleaned, it becomes new again. But fabricated glass used for façade designing can do more than beautify a building. It allows sunlight control, noise control, and maintaining privacy.

Personal protection

Armored glass solutions are needed for making personal protective gear like bulletproof helmets. A steel helmet can protect your head from stray bullets aimed at your head. But you need a piece of glass to cover your face. It should keep your face safe from frontal attacks and provide a clear view as well.

Glass fabrication technology has civilian uses as well. Toughened fabricated glass can be used for making impact-resistant train windshields. Similarly, toughened glass can be used for making bulletproof doors and windows of important establishments.

Also, a piece of glass can be fabricated into a smart window display connected to a remote control center from where it can be operated. It can be used to provide important updates like weather, flight timings, train timings, and nearby amenities to people. Also, it can be used to run advertisements to make a profit.

Armoring Solutions

Which Glass Provides The Best Armoring Solutions?

Glass fabrication has armoring solutions for all forces including the Army, Air Force, and Navy. A piece of fabricated glass is transparent armor as it provides clear visibility and improves safety. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it helps in the movement of troops by shielding them from bullets and blasts.

Let’s discuss the uses of fabricated glass in the defense sector

  1. Military applications

Military vehicles including trucks and jeeps are fitted with bulletproof windshields. These vehicles use thick layers of metal plates to remain bulletproof but they need fabricated glass for windshields. Troops moving along borders and disturbed areas are often subjected to sudden attacks by enemies or insurgent groups. They patrol the border and disturb areas in bulletproof vehicles with strong windshields that allow them to keep moving even amid heavy firing.

  1. Paramilitary and VIP applications

Civilian security is as important as the security of troops. Also, civilian vehicles such as SUVs used by important persons are properly bulletproofed using ballistic-rated glass at windshields and window panes. It is fabricated glass that can withstand bullet fires and blasts. The glass doesn’t shred on coming into contact with bullets.

  1. Helicopter cockpit protection

Helicopters play a crucial role in aerial surveys of disturbed areas. Also, the flying machines used for surveying use large glasses to provide a bigger view of the ground. Luckily this glass has a high ballistic rating that keeps it safe from stray bullets fired by hidden insurgents. Also, the fabricated glass manages UV radiation.

  1. Marine applications

Ships and other watercrafts used for patrolling maritime boundaries are equipped with high-endurance anti-ballistic glass to strengthen the security of defense personnel manning the watercraft. Also, this glass can withstand tough sea conditions including thermal shocks and atmospheric changes.

  1. Personal protection

Law enforcement troops deployed to control unruly mobs need a bulletproof dress that provides them complete coverage from head to toe. They wear helmets with bulletproof visors to remain safe from frontal attacks during man-to-man control. Also, they hold large glass shields to prevent attack stones, bottles, and canes.

It is only glass fabrication that can provide complete armoring solutions to the world. It has made it possible to bulletproof vehicles, helicopters, and watercraft. Also, a piece of glass can be fabricated in any shape or size to meet individual needs. Fabricated glass does more than simply bulletproofing. It provides acoustic insulation and safety from UV rays.

Bullet-Resistant Glass

What Are The Smart Uses Of Bullet-Resistant Glass?

Fabricated glass has many uses other than providing armored glass solutions. Or it would be better to say that glass can be fabricated to change its use. For example, take an interactive display that can be used to keep the viewers updated about important news items such as the latest weather updates.

Let’s start the discussion with glass fabrication

It is only due to fabrication that a piece of fragile-looking glass can be made bulletproof. It is given so much strength that can it can easily withstand the close range fining and blasts. It is used for bulletproofing military and personal vehicles. Today anyone can bulletproof their vehicles. But bulletproofing is one of the many uses of fabricated glass. It can be made a transparent armor against everything.

For example, take the sunlight that can produce ample heat in a room. But you need sunlight to light the interior. Also, it is better to use sunlight in the daytime to reduce your dependence on electricity. Would you allow the sunlight to fill your room in summer? Your answer will be no. You will rather prefer using electric bulbs instead of sunlight. Here you can take advantage of a smart window display.

A piece of glass can be fabricated to control light. You can control the amount of light traveling inside with a remote device. In this way, you can light your room with sunrays without getting your room heated. Depending on your needs, you can increase or decrease the amount of sun rays traveling inside a building.

Another use of a smart window display is to create display units in railway stations and trains. A display unit can be helpful in many ways such as providing important information to passengers, running advertisements, and keeping passengers updated about the train speed, distance covered, and expected time to reach the destination.

Fabricated glass can find more uses in the future. But the most important factor is the strength of the glass. An ordinary glass is unsuitable for making displays because it can easily break on coming into pieces on coming into contact with heavy and sharp objects.

The bullet-resistant glass that has smart technology is the right glass for façade decoration. Fabricated glass is the right material for façade decoration. It can protect from UV rays of the sun to flying objects that can damage ordinary glass. Also, it will keep the insiders safe from bullet fires and blasts.

How Are Interactive Display Systems Used In Trains?

This blog is focused on glass fabrication technology and its uses. For most people, glass fabrication is only about making bulletproof glass. But armor glass is only one of the many advantages of fabrication technology. Indeed, glass fabrication is widely used for armoring solutions but the technology can be used for making smart displays.

Let’s discuss the civilian uses of fabricated glass

Bulletproof glass has a quality. It can withstand great force and pressure. If you hit a windshield made of bulletproof glass with a stone, the stone will slip away without even making a scratch on the windshield. The windshield will remain safe even when attached with iron rods. It will show no sign of exhaustion. There will be no damage to the windshield.

Similarly, a bullet resistant window can protect passengers and keep their belongings safe from theft and robbery attempts. Trains need added protection, especially after extended threats. Mob often tries to stop trains midway to highlight their needs. Unsocial elements take advantage of such situations and try to break into trains by breaking windows.

Trains run at a high speed without worrying about flying objects that could hit their windshields. Ordinary glass can easily break on coming into contact with objects flying at a high speed. It is for this reason that trains need bulletproof windshields. It isn’t bulletproofing trains but strengthening their safety and protecting the passengers from strangers. Trains passing through forests and woods need added protection from stray animals, especially elephants.

Also, trains need interactive display systems to keep the passengers updated about the upcoming stations, weather, availability of seats, and amenities available in stations. The smart displays can be controlled from a remote area. The displays can even be used to run educative advertisements and classifieds. In this way, the display systems can be used to generate revenue.

A smart display is like a regular screen but it is connected to the web. Train operators can control and use the smart displays for updating passengers. The display units can be set in train stations as well. The units can be used to provide useful information to passengers.

The use of interactive display systems has increased the use of trains. Their presence provides a feeling of safety to passengers. If any passenger has any questions, they can find their answer on the information displayed on the smart display units.