Bullet-Resistant Glass

What Are The Smart Uses Of Bullet-Resistant Glass?

Fabricated glass has many uses other than providing armored glass solutions. Or it would be better to say that glass can be fabricated to change its use. For example, take an interactive display that can be used to keep the viewers updated about important news items such as the latest weather updates.

Let’s start the discussion with glass fabrication

It is only due to fabrication that a piece of fragile-looking glass can be made bulletproof. It is given so much strength that can it can easily withstand the close range fining and blasts. It is used for bulletproofing military and personal vehicles. Today anyone can bulletproof their vehicles. But bulletproofing is one of the many uses of fabricated glass. It can be made a transparent armor against everything.

For example, take the sunlight that can produce ample heat in a room. But you need sunlight to light the interior. Also, it is better to use sunlight in the daytime to reduce your dependence on electricity. Would you allow the sunlight to fill your room in summer? Your answer will be no. You will rather prefer using electric bulbs instead of sunlight. Here you can take advantage of a smart window display.

A piece of glass can be fabricated to control light. You can control the amount of light traveling inside with a remote device. In this way, you can light your room with sunrays without getting your room heated. Depending on your needs, you can increase or decrease the amount of sun rays traveling inside a building.

Another use of a smart window display is to create display units in railway stations and trains. A display unit can be helpful in many ways such as providing important information to passengers, running advertisements, and keeping passengers updated about the train speed, distance covered, and expected time to reach the destination.

Fabricated glass can find more uses in the future. But the most important factor is the strength of the glass. An ordinary glass is unsuitable for making displays because it can easily break on coming into pieces on coming into contact with heavy and sharp objects.

The bullet-resistant glass that has smart technology is the right glass for façade decoration. Fabricated glass is the right material for façade decoration. It can protect from UV rays of the sun to flying objects that can damage ordinary glass. Also, it will keep the insiders safe from bullet fires and blasts.

How Are Interactive Display Systems Used In Trains?

This blog is focused on glass fabrication technology and its uses. For most people, glass fabrication is only about making bulletproof glass. But armor glass is only one of the many advantages of fabrication technology. Indeed, glass fabrication is widely used for armoring solutions but the technology can be used for making smart displays.

Let’s discuss the civilian uses of fabricated glass

Bulletproof glass has a quality. It can withstand great force and pressure. If you hit a windshield made of bulletproof glass with a stone, the stone will slip away without even making a scratch on the windshield. The windshield will remain safe even when attached with iron rods. It will show no sign of exhaustion. There will be no damage to the windshield.

Similarly, a bullet resistant window can protect passengers and keep their belongings safe from theft and robbery attempts. Trains need added protection, especially after extended threats. Mob often tries to stop trains midway to highlight their needs. Unsocial elements take advantage of such situations and try to break into trains by breaking windows.

Trains run at a high speed without worrying about flying objects that could hit their windshields. Ordinary glass can easily break on coming into contact with objects flying at a high speed. It is for this reason that trains need bulletproof windshields. It isn’t bulletproofing trains but strengthening their safety and protecting the passengers from strangers. Trains passing through forests and woods need added protection from stray animals, especially elephants.

Also, trains need interactive display systems to keep the passengers updated about the upcoming stations, weather, availability of seats, and amenities available in stations. The smart displays can be controlled from a remote area. The displays can even be used to run educative advertisements and classifieds. In this way, the display systems can be used to generate revenue.

A smart display is like a regular screen but it is connected to the web. Train operators can control and use the smart displays for updating passengers. The display units can be set in train stations as well. The units can be used to provide useful information to passengers.

The use of interactive display systems has increased the use of trains. Their presence provides a feeling of safety to passengers. If any passenger has any questions, they can find their answer on the information displayed on the smart display units.

OSG: a Journey of Glazing Systems Innovation and Impact

As we step into 2024, OSG is embracing new challenges and opportunities with renewed vigor and purpose.

Building on our legacy of innovation and excellence, we continue to push the boundaries of technology in glazing solutions for defense and transportation applications. We expanded OSG’s global footprint, enhancing ballistic glass and transportation glass product offerings with cutting-edge glazing system solutions. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the evolving needs of our customers and partners while fostering sustainable practices. Let’s take a moment to look at the achievements and milestones we have passed.

Global Impact Through Advanced Solutions

Since the company’s foundation, 45 years ago, our journey took us worldwide, delivering transparent armor and safety glass systems that set new protection, safety, and durability standards on vehicles, aircraft and sea vessels. In transportation, our solutions provided the transparency and safety systems for locomotives and trains. Our transparent armor solutions offered unmatched protection in the defense sector, saving lives and maintaining visibility for security and combatants alike. Our innovative ScreeneX glass-embedded display technology redefines passenger experiences in public transport, offering real-time information and entertainment seamlessly integrated into windows, doors, and partitions of rail cars, trains and busses.

A Year of Collaboration and Industry Leadership

2023 was a year of fruitful collaborations and strategic partnerships for OSG as we broadened our horizons and strengthened industry leadership. Through the year, we also paved the way for strategic partnerships with leading OEMs in defense and transportation, positioning OSG as an exclusive supplier of complete glazing system sets for major programs. These programs are coming into effect in 2024 and beyond. We participated in key industry events, sharing insights and forging connections that will shape the future of safety glass technology, and will continue showcasing our expertise throughout 2024.

We recently celebrated 45 years of OSG and 60 years of Vental’s legacy. Like OSG, Vental has also evolved from a manufacturer of automotive window systems into a world-leading supplier for the railways and the marine industry. These milestones reflect our journey of continuous growth as a group, motivated by our dedication to excellence.

Looking Ahead with Vision and Purpose

In 2024, the OSG group will continue expanding its global footprint, scaling up production across Europe, the USA, and Israel to meet the growing demands of the defense and transportation sectors. We are updating and expanding our manufacturing sites, testing facilities, and certifications to address new market requirements, ensuring that our glazing solutions meet and exceed safety and quality expectations.

As we look to the future, OSG remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, guided by our vision to provide transparent systems for a fast-moving world. We are excited about what lies ahead and are committed to continuing our legacy of innovation and impact.

Thank you to our employees, partners, and customers for participating in our journey.

Scarred but Unbroken!


In the unforgiving landscapes where conflict is a grim reality, the ingenuity of defense technology is often the silent sentinel that stands between peril and safety. The following pictures reflect the results of three encounters with small arms fired at close range, medium-caliber rifles, and RPGs. They provide a clear reflection of the advanced expertise that goes into creating materials capable of withstanding such attacks, allowing our forces to carry out their missions with an assurance that their equipment will not fail them in the crucible of combat.

IDF D9 Bulldozer Withstands a Double Strike from RPGs

This image captures a harrowing moment—a D9 bulldozer’s armored window, designed to withstand the fury of modern battlefields, bears the scars of repeated RPG attacks in Gaza. The web of impact craters etched into the armored glass tells a story of survival and exemplary engineering that gives our warfighters the confidence to operate in hostile zones.

This encounter ended as a testament to the robustness of the armor, with the operator emerging unscathed after several RPG impacts, a rare but invaluable occurrence in the theater of war. The effectiveness of the layered armored glass, designed to absorb and dissipate the energy of such attacks, underscores our commitment to the highest armor standards and innovation in defense technology.

Transparent Armor Protects the Namer Crew

The IDF Namer APC is one of the world’s most protected armored personnel carriers. Based on the Merkava Main Battle Tank chassis, Namer is fitted with a high-level protection system comprised of passive, reactive, and active protection systems and transparent armor, providing a clear panoramic vision for the commander and driver. In the current Iron Swords war in Gaza, the Namer has encountered numerous attacks by anti-tank rockets and missiles, medium caliber sniper rifles, and small arms weapons. Both passive and active armor proved highly capable of withstanding those attacks. The TA vision blocks tell the story of some of those fierce combat engagements. The damage to the windows was enormous, but the armor fulfilled its mission and protected the crew and passengers inside.

David Light Armored Vehicles Withstand Close-Range Encounters

Another testament to OSG TA capabilities was demonstrated by many David light armored vehicles that took the brunt of the 7 October Hamas attacks and ongoing conflict in the West Bank. David’s windshield has suffered multiple hits by AK47 without penetration, enabling the occupants to return fire and fend off the attacks.

These moments validate our relentless pursuit of excellence in armored glass technology—where every saved life is an immeasurable victory.