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What Are The Various Uses Of Fabricated Train Glass?

Train glass is fabricated to make it tough for things that hit fast-moving trains. First is the wind pressure that can shatter a piece of regular glass. Second are the small pieces of stones and other materials that travel with air. They gather enough kinetic energy to break regular windshields. But fabricated glass sheets can remain […]

What Are The Uses Of A Smart Window Display?

Glass fabrication is a revolution and this is evident from the various uses of fabricated glass sheets. For example, take a piece of toughened sheet. It is developed to become tough in hard objects like small stone pieces traveling with wind. Also, it can be further improved to provide armored glass solutions to the world militaries. […]

Which Glass Provides The Best Armoring Solutions?

Glass fabrication has armoring solutions for all forces including the Army, Air Force, and Navy. A piece of fabricated glass is transparent armor as it provides clear visibility and improves safety. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it helps in the movement of troops by shielding them from bullets and blasts. Let’s discuss […]

What Are The Smart Uses Of Bullet-Resistant Glass?

Fabricated glass has many uses other than providing armored glass solutions. Or it would be better to say that glass can be fabricated to change its use. For example, take an interactive display that can be used to keep the viewers updated about important news items such as the latest weather updates. Let’s start the […]

How Are Interactive Display Systems Used In Trains?

This blog is focused on glass fabrication technology and its uses. For most people, glass fabrication is only about making bulletproof glass. But armor glass is only one of the many advantages of fabrication technology. Indeed, glass fabrication is widely used for armoring solutions but the technology can be used for making smart displays. Let’s discuss […]

OSG: a Journey of Glazing Systems Innovation and Impact

As we step into 2024, OSG is embracing new challenges and opportunities with renewed vigor and purpose. Building on our legacy of innovation and excellence, we continue to push the boundaries of technology in glazing solutions for defense and transportation applications. We expanded OSG’s global footprint, enhancing ballistic glass and transportation glass product offerings with […]

Scarred but Unbroken!

  In the unforgiving landscapes where conflict is a grim reality, the ingenuity of defense technology is often the silent sentinel that stands between peril and safety. The following pictures reflect the results of three encounters with small arms fired at close range, medium-caliber rifles, and RPGs. They provide a clear reflection of the advanced […]

What Are Smart Uses Of Ballistic Rated Glass?

Glass fabrication is a revolution and this is evident from various uses of fabricated glass pieces. First, you should know what glass fabrication is. It is a technology that allows improving the properties and features of a piece of glass. For example, take bullet-resistant glass. It is a piece of fabricated glass. Let’s discuss the […]

How Is The Transport Industry Using Transparent Armor Technology?

Transparent armor technology can be called a breakthrough for defense and security agencies. It is about using glass as a piece of armor. For example, take the windshield of a bulletproof car. Bulletproofing won’t be complete until the vehicle gets a bullet-resistant windshield. Similarly, the windowpanes of the car need to be replaced with blast-resistant glass. […]