Why embedded screen into windows is the next generation passenger information system?

Featuring an embedded TFT – LCD panel inside the glass unit, ScreeneX® allows operators to control and tailor information displayed to passengers – enhancing the passenger experience (INFOtainment) and creating a new platform for advertising revenue.

Take one window and one TFT-LCD panel and make it one!

From now, you can organise the advertisements and passenger information on the Full-HD-Screen entirely according to your wishes.

Discover in a few points the benefits of our new ScreeneXinnovation:
Next Generation Design

ScreeneX® offers a clean, sophisticated and futuristic addition to the passenger surroundings, introducing the next generation of digital signage for the mass transportation market.
Saves internal space

As cabin space is valuable, ScreeneX® allows the substitution of traditional mounted digital signage systems by better using existing glass areas and elements. ScreeneX® was designed to utilize only a portion of an existing window or glass area, while maintaining the functionality of that window or element.
Rich content supply

You can ensure your passengers have up-to-date travel information, are notified of delays or changing conditions, and have relevant connection times. The system can also deliver Immediate and highly effective safety alerts as well as a range of entertainment, promotions and advertising.
Control System

The content displayed on the screen is controlled through a user friendly central content management system, which can be tailored to a specific project. ScreeneX® uses standard communication protocols and can be controlled by all standard content management systems.

ScreeneX® was developed with transportation vehicles in mind and built to meet or exceed the most demanding standards in the industry. The entire system is highly resilient to vibration and varying temperatures, as well as to the attention of vandals. The system’s robustness and resilience significantly increases the length of its life cycle.
Plug and Play

Installation and maintenance of the system is as simple as installing regular windows or glass elements.