OSG’s Screenex to introduce On-Board Real Time Passenger Information

Oran Safety Glass has won its first contract to supply its ScreeneX innovative display technology with glass-embedded high-resolution LCD screens. The order has been placed by CN-Consult, which will incorporate ScreeneX into 170 “InnoScreen” overhead displays, and are to be installed this year at stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

ScreeneX uses insulated, laminated or tempered glass suitable for use in signs, partitions, vehicle doors and windscreens. Real-time information as well as advertising content can be programmed via a server.

What are the benefits?

Besides an innovative display technology in a super flat design, the center of attention lies on the massively reduced life-cycle costs:

  • very low energy consumption
  • no need for regular maintenance
  • use of commercially available components

CN-Consult will presenting one of his newest products, “InnoScreen®, for the first time at InnoTrans 2016.

Writen by Orli Ovadia