What Are The Different Uses Of Armoring Solutions?

Security establishments of the world need armoring solutions like bulletproof vehicles, anti-ballistic window panes, toughened windshields, and acoustic buildings. Regular glass is fabricated to make it suitable for use in security establishments.

Let’s discuss various advantages of an armored glass

  1. Bullet resistance

Fabricated glass is so designed that it withstands bullets and gunfire even from a close range. This glass can be used for making windshields and window panes for automobiles and buildings. Armored vehicles used to transport soldiers can be fitted with toughened windshields to provide added protection to soldiers.

  1. Transparency

A ballistic rated glass is thick enough to withstand the pressure of bullets and it is clear enough to allow transparency. It provides a clear view so the viewers won’t have any hassle in taking in the views. Automobile windshields need to have better clarity so the driver can have a better view of the road. A transparent windshield will help improve road safety.

  1. UV protection

A fabricated glass can prevent UV rays from passing through it. In other words, it can protect people from coming into contact with harmful UV rays. For example, you can use toughened glass for making your window panes, and rest assured that the interior of your home remains free from UV rays. This level of protection is hard to get from regular glass.

  1. Soundproofing

A bullet-resistant glass is good for soundproofing. It can prevent sound waves from traveling inside or outside. When used as architectural glass, it makes a soundproof building that remains safe from noise pollution. Similarly, you can make soundproof rooms and cabins with architectural glass. Since it is a toughened product, there is little need to worry about its durability and upkeep. It won’t get damaged or scratched even after long-term use.

  1. Energy efficiency

Smart glass is energy efficient as it can control the amount of light traveling through it. In this way, it can be used for making environment-friendly edifices. When used as architectural glass, it can help light the interior with natural light. Also, it can keep the interior comfortable by controlling the amount of light traveling through it.


It is to be noted that the specific benefits and capabilities of armoring solutions largely depend on the technology used. Or it would be much better to say that the knowledge and experience of the manufacturer will play a crucial role in determining the properties of fabricated glass.