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What Are The Uses Of A Smart Window Display?

Glass fabrication is a revolution and this is evident from the various uses of fabricated glass sheets. For example, take a piece of toughened sheet. It is developed to become tough in hard objects like small stone pieces traveling with wind. Also, it can be further improved to provide armored glass solutions to the world militaries.

A windshield is the weakest part of an automobile but you can’t do away with it because it is needed to provide a clear view to the driver. In earlier times, the windscreens of military vehicles were kept small and covered with steel bars to prevent things including stray bullets from hitting the windshields. But today fabricated glass has taken the place of older and weaker windscreens.

Glass fabrication has the armoring solutions the world needs to empower security forces so they can help society without risking their lives and ammunition. For example, take an armored vehicle used to carry soldiers to and from battlefields. This vehicle has high-quality steel that can withstand even bullets and blasts. But it is a fabricated sheet that makes an armored vehicle suitable for driving even under constant fire.

Bulletproofing is one of the many uses of fabricated glass sheets as they are also used in the construction industry. They are used for making glass facades that not only look beautiful but also provide added safety to buildings. If you think that a glass front will compromise the privacy of the buildings then you are wrong.

Fabricated glass can control visibility. For example, you can get a clear view of the outside but the front will remain opaque from the outside. Also, you can control the amount of light entering from the glass front. In this way, you can keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter. But the biggest advantage of fabricated glass is the making of a smart window display.

Can you believe that a display unit can be used to communicate with viewers? It is possible. A display can be connected to the latest communication technology and the display converted into a communication device.

A smart window display has many uses in trains and stations. It can be used to update and educate passengers on the routes, upcoming stations, travel time, and amenities available in the train and stations. The display unit can be set anywhere and controlled from a remote place in a hassle-free manner.

Armoring Solutions

Which Glass Provides The Best Armoring Solutions?

Glass fabrication has armoring solutions for all forces including the Army, Air Force, and Navy. A piece of fabricated glass is transparent armor as it provides clear visibility and improves safety. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it helps in the movement of troops by shielding them from bullets and blasts.

Let’s discuss the uses of fabricated glass in the defense sector

  1. Military applications

Military vehicles including trucks and jeeps are fitted with bulletproof windshields. These vehicles use thick layers of metal plates to remain bulletproof but they need fabricated glass for windshields. Troops moving along borders and disturbed areas are often subjected to sudden attacks by enemies or insurgent groups. They patrol the border and disturb areas in bulletproof vehicles with strong windshields that allow them to keep moving even amid heavy firing.

  1. Paramilitary and VIP applications

Civilian security is as important as the security of troops. Also, civilian vehicles such as SUVs used by important persons are properly bulletproofed using ballistic-rated glass at windshields and window panes. It is fabricated glass that can withstand bullet fires and blasts. The glass doesn’t shred on coming into contact with bullets.

  1. Helicopter cockpit protection

Helicopters play a crucial role in aerial surveys of disturbed areas. Also, the flying machines used for surveying use large glasses to provide a bigger view of the ground. Luckily this glass has a high ballistic rating that keeps it safe from stray bullets fired by hidden insurgents. Also, the fabricated glass manages UV radiation.

  1. Marine applications

Ships and other watercrafts used for patrolling maritime boundaries are equipped with high-endurance anti-ballistic glass to strengthen the security of defense personnel manning the watercraft. Also, this glass can withstand tough sea conditions including thermal shocks and atmospheric changes.

  1. Personal protection

Law enforcement troops deployed to control unruly mobs need a bulletproof dress that provides them complete coverage from head to toe. They wear helmets with bulletproof visors to remain safe from frontal attacks during man-to-man control. Also, they hold large glass shields to prevent attack stones, bottles, and canes.

It is only glass fabrication that can provide complete armoring solutions to the world. It has made it possible to bulletproof vehicles, helicopters, and watercraft. Also, a piece of glass can be fabricated in any shape or size to meet individual needs. Fabricated glass does more than simply bulletproofing. It provides acoustic insulation and safety from UV rays.

How Are Interactive Display Systems Used In Trains?

This blog is focused on glass fabrication technology and its uses. For most people, glass fabrication is only about making bulletproof glass. But armor glass is only one of the many advantages of fabrication technology. Indeed, glass fabrication is widely used for armoring solutions but the technology can be used for making smart displays.

Let’s discuss the civilian uses of fabricated glass

Bulletproof glass has a quality. It can withstand great force and pressure. If you hit a windshield made of bulletproof glass with a stone, the stone will slip away without even making a scratch on the windshield. The windshield will remain safe even when attached with iron rods. It will show no sign of exhaustion. There will be no damage to the windshield.

Similarly, a bullet resistant window can protect passengers and keep their belongings safe from theft and robbery attempts. Trains need added protection, especially after extended threats. Mob often tries to stop trains midway to highlight their needs. Unsocial elements take advantage of such situations and try to break into trains by breaking windows.

Trains run at a high speed without worrying about flying objects that could hit their windshields. Ordinary glass can easily break on coming into contact with objects flying at a high speed. It is for this reason that trains need bulletproof windshields. It isn’t bulletproofing trains but strengthening their safety and protecting the passengers from strangers. Trains passing through forests and woods need added protection from stray animals, especially elephants.

Also, trains need interactive display systems to keep the passengers updated about the upcoming stations, weather, availability of seats, and amenities available in stations. The smart displays can be controlled from a remote area. The displays can even be used to run educative advertisements and classifieds. In this way, the display systems can be used to generate revenue.

A smart display is like a regular screen but it is connected to the web. Train operators can control and use the smart displays for updating passengers. The display units can be set in train stations as well. The units can be used to provide useful information to passengers.

The use of interactive display systems has increased the use of trains. Their presence provides a feeling of safety to passengers. If any passenger has any questions, they can find their answer on the information displayed on the smart display units.

Best Armoring Solutions

What Are The Best Armoring Solutions For The Security Industry?

The latest glass fabrication technology has the best armoring solutions for every need from the defense sector to VIP security. A piece of glass can make a security shield around you so you remain safe from sudden attacks and sniper shots. Also, the same glass can protect trains from flying objects and rioting mobs.

Let’s understand today’s security needs and solutions


  1. Defense personnel

Military personnel need safety from sudden attacks and ambushes laid by enemies and terrorists while moving from one place to another. They move in groups and use trucks and jeeps to reach and come out of disturbed zones. If they aren’t safe in their vehicles, they won’t be able to fulfill their duties. Though their vehicles have heavy metal they also need bulletproof glass for windshields and window panes.


  1. Security guards

Army personnel standing guard at important places including government offices, banks, and other important establishments need safety cover to get confidence to deal with strangers. They can stand behind shields made of bullet-resistant glass pieces. Also, they can use handheld shields to control unruly mobs. Luckily glass pieces can be fabricated into any shape and size.


  1. Public dealing

Dealing with the public from behind a bulletproof glass is a great way to boost the safety of workers. For example, take a cash counter where cash is deposited and distributed. The cashier can be made to sit behind a strong shield of fabricated glass to prevent forced entry by anyone who comes to the bank to break into the cash counter.


  1. Construction

Establishments housing important government and corporate offices can benefit from bullet resistant window designs that can keep the insiders safe from sniper attacks and rioting mobs. Also, they can get a clear view of the outside. The window can be opened for fresh air to travel in.


  1. Personal protective equipment

The face shields used in bulletproof helmets are made of high-resistance fabricated glass. It looks thin but is quite powerful. It can’t be pierced with pointed objects or broken with blunt force. The advantage of this shield is it gives a clear view and protects the users from attack.



Glass fabrication has armoring solutions for all needs. Whether you want to bulletproof a vehicle, add a protective shield to your office, or need personal protective equipment, you can rely on glass fabrication. A piece of fabricated glass can easily fit into your needs.

Armoring Solutions

What Are The Latest Armoring Solutions Of The World?

The world needs the best armoring solutions for the safety of security personnel, important people, and assets including government offices, corporate companies, and transport systems. The solution the world has is bulletproof glass. If all important things can be covered with bulletproof glass, the world can become a safe place.

Let’s discuss the various uses of bulletproof glass

  1. Military vehicles

Vehicles used for transporting security personnel need bulletproofing as they are always under attack by enemies and terrorists. You can say that these vehicles can be covered with heavy metal sheets to provide added protection from bullets and blasts. But you should know that these vehicles also need windshields and window glasses. These glasses should be bulletproofed.


  1. Personal gear

A safety helmet can prove to be the best defense against direct attack from unruly mobs. Security personnel need this helmet while dealing with unsocial elements. The helmet protects the head and the visor on the helmet protects the face and eyes. Made of bullet-resistant glass, the visor keeps security personnel safe from bullets and sharp objects used by unsocial elements.


  1. VIP vehicles

Important political personalities and business tycoons travel in bulletproof vehicles. They use sedans and SUVs that are properly bulletproofed with extra layers of metal and bulletproof glass. The glass used for front and back windshields and windows are bulletproof. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it won’t be possible to bulletproof a vehicle without impact-resistant glass.


  1. Security guard

Security personnel standing guard at important government offices need safety from snipers and sudden attacks. They sit in bulletproof cabins from where they monitor the gates. Sitting in a safe cabin, they can control the movement of people to prevent suspected people from entering the building. They keep an eye on human movement from behind a bullet resistant window.


  1. Building façade

Bulletproof glass panels can be used for the beautification of a building. These glass panels will not only improve the visual look of the building but boost its safety as well. Also, the glass can be used to control light entering the building.



The world armoring solutions should be suitable for all needs. Also, they shouldn’t be an expensive affair. Bulletproof glass is an ideal solution for every need. Whether you need glass for bulletproofing a vehicle or you want to make a security helmet, you will need a piece of glass with high impact resistance.

Armored Glass Solutions

What Are The Various Uses Of Armored Glass Solutions?

The world needs armored glass solutions to safeguard both life and property. A bulletproof vehicle needs toughened windshields to create a functional and safe space inside the vehicle. Similarly, the windows of buildings can be bulletproofed against sniper shots and sudden attacks.

Let’s discuss the various uses of bulletproof glass technology


  1. Bulletproofing defense vehicles


Security forces, especially army personnel travel in vehicles properly bulletproofed from all areas. Vans and trucks for the army are exclusive in design, material, and technology. They have thick metal sheets that no bullet can pierce. Also, these metal sheets can withstand blasts. But bulletproofing is completed only after installing toughened windshields. These windshields provide both clear views and protection.


  1. Bulletproof cars


Armoring solutions are also available for bulletproofing personal vehicles including cars and SUVs. Business persons, sportspersons, celebrities, and everyone who fears for their life can bulletproof their car. Bulletproofing vehicles cost a price but it saves priceless lives. The job is done by strengthening the metal body and replacing the normal windshields with reinforced glass.


  1. Personal Security


Helmet and protection shields provided to security personnel to control unruly mobs are made of bulletproof glass. A helmet has both metal and glass. The metal part covers the head and the glass part covers the face. It allows the user to interact with the mob but remains safe from attack by sharp objects including bullets. Similarly, security personnel hold large glass shields for defense against harmful things like stones and cans. These shields are also made of bulletproof glass.


  1. Architectural safety


Buildings housing important government and private institutions can also be bulletproofed with the help of toughened glass. The glass can be used for making bullet resistant window and doors. In other words, you don’t need to use concrete everywhere as it will cut the building from the outside world completely. On the contrary, the glass will give a clear view of the outside and allow natural light to come in.


  1. Transport services


Trains, buses, and trucks also need toughened glass for windows and windshields. These glass pieces are called anti-vandalism glass pieces as they keep the vehicles safe from vandalism by unsocial elements.




Armored glass solutions are available for everyone and everything. It is a technology that can help fight enemies, terrorists, and unruly mobs. A toughened glass is light in weight but heavy in strength. Its biggest advantage is that it never breaks into pieces or shreds.

What Are The Different Uses Of Armoring Solutions?

Security establishments of the world need armoring solutions like bulletproof vehicles, anti-ballistic window panes, toughened windshields, and acoustic buildings. Regular glass is fabricated to make it suitable for use in security establishments.

Let’s discuss various advantages of an armored glass

  1. Bullet resistance

Fabricated glass is so designed that it withstands bullets and gunfire even from a close range. This glass can be used for making windshields and window panes for automobiles and buildings. Armored vehicles used to transport soldiers can be fitted with toughened windshields to provide added protection to soldiers.

  1. Transparency

A ballistic rated glass is thick enough to withstand the pressure of bullets and it is clear enough to allow transparency. It provides a clear view so the viewers won’t have any hassle in taking in the views. Automobile windshields need to have better clarity so the driver can have a better view of the road. A transparent windshield will help improve road safety.

  1. UV protection

A fabricated glass can prevent UV rays from passing through it. In other words, it can protect people from coming into contact with harmful UV rays. For example, you can use toughened glass for making your window panes, and rest assured that the interior of your home remains free from UV rays. This level of protection is hard to get from regular glass.

  1. Soundproofing

A bullet-resistant glass is good for soundproofing. It can prevent sound waves from traveling inside or outside. When used as architectural glass, it makes a soundproof building that remains safe from noise pollution. Similarly, you can make soundproof rooms and cabins with architectural glass. Since it is a toughened product, there is little need to worry about its durability and upkeep. It won’t get damaged or scratched even after long-term use.

  1. Energy efficiency

Smart glass is energy efficient as it can control the amount of light traveling through it. In this way, it can be used for making environment-friendly edifices. When used as architectural glass, it can help light the interior with natural light. Also, it can keep the interior comfortable by controlling the amount of light traveling through it.


It is to be noted that the specific benefits and capabilities of armoring solutions largely depend on the technology used. Or it would be much better to say that the knowledge and experience of the manufacturer will play a crucial role in determining the properties of fabricated glass.

Armoring Solutions

What Are The Civilian Uses Of Armoring Solutions?

If you believe that armoring solutions are only for the defense industry then you are wrong or it will be more appropriate to say that you looking only at one side of the coin.

Do you know that a small piece of stone could break your windscreen when traveling at a high speed?

For example, take an airplane. If a bird collides with the cockpit window, the force generated by the impact will be much greater than the force of a bullet. The cockpit window will get shattered, if it isn’t made with reinforced glass. But the glass should be light in weight otherwise it will add unnecessary weight to the aircraft.

Take another example of a bulletproof vehicle. Vehicles meant for important people are customized with fabricated glass. A bullet-resistant window can ensure the safety of the passengers. Also, it will provide a clear view of the outdoors. Similarly, trains need reinforced glass for windows and windshields.

What is glass fabrication?

It is the latest technology for making glass. The objective of the technology is to provide reliable glass solutions to the world. The world is facing an unprecedented challenge from unruly mobs and anti-social elements. The danger is from within instead of outside. But there is little to fear as you can create a haven for you and your family.

If you fear for your life, you should customize your car to make it bulletproof. For bulletproofing, you will need to add some extra layer of metal to the body of your car. For windshields, back, and windows, you can use lightweight bullet-resistant glass. It will improve the look and feel of your car, allow a clear view of the outside, and protect your life as well.

Similarly, you can reinforce your windows with fabricated glass. It will make your home safe from burglars and attackers. Also, you can use fabricate glass for making doors of your office. The glass will allow keeping an eye on the visitors and ensure your safety as well. So, you can see that fabricated glass has many takers and uses.


The world needs armoring solutions not only for defense but also for safety from burglars and robbers. Also, the fabricated glass technology is improving to make the product more useful. For example, you can control the amount of light filtering from your window with smart glass. You can even turn the glass into an Internet display.

armoring solutions

How Are Armoring Solutions Helping The Construction Industry?

The latest armoring solutions have found many uses in the non-military sector or civilian sector. Bulletproof glass is better suited for making armored vehicles for soldiers. But it can also be used for improving the safety of private cars, trains, and trams. In this blog, we will discuss the many uses of reinforced glass.

First, you should understand the strength of reinforced glass

This glass can withstand the force exerted by a close-range bullet. A bullet fired from a close range will get stuck in the glass instead of passing through. You can compare a minor stone piece traveling at a high speed in the air. This stone has the same force and impact as a bullet. It can also damage a windshield and even break the windshield into fragments.

When you drive a car at a high speed, the vehicle meets many foreign elements including minor stone and wooden pieces. These pieces hit the car at a great speed that increases their impact. If a small stone hits your windshield at a high speed, it can damage the windshield. But no such things will happen if the windshield is made of reinforced glass. It is also called transparent armor.

Reinforced glass is transparent and hence gives a clear view of the road. Also, it is strong enough to prevent your vehicle from damage by harmful foreign elements. It can even keep you safe from bullets and blasts. If you fear for your life, you can make your car bulletproof by adding additional safety layers and using reinforced glass for the front and back windshield.

Non-military use of bulletproof glass

A bullet resistant window can double as a display for showing notifications and running advertisements. It can even be used for entertainment. In short, the properties and functionality of reinforced glass can be changed according to needs. Such windows will be common in the coming years. You will see smart windows on trains and trams.

Another advantage of reinforced glass is its ability to filter sun rays. It can turn opaque on your command and allow sunlight to enter if you want to. Here it can be said that it can protect you from bullets and direct sunlight. You will remain safe in your car, train, and home. If you are constructing a large building, you can use reinforced glass for the façade. It will improve the beauty of the edifice and keep it safe from prying eyes as well.