Scarred but Unbroken!


In the unforgiving landscapes where conflict is a grim reality, the ingenuity of defense technology is often the silent sentinel that stands between peril and safety. The following pictures reflect the results of three encounters with small arms fired at close range, medium-caliber rifles, and RPGs. They provide a clear reflection of the advanced expertise that goes into creating materials capable of withstanding such attacks, allowing our forces to carry out their missions with an assurance that their equipment will not fail them in the crucible of combat.

IDF D9 Bulldozer Withstands a Double Strike from RPGs

This image captures a harrowing moment—a D9 bulldozer’s armored window, designed to withstand the fury of modern battlefields, bears the scars of repeated RPG attacks in Gaza. The web of impact craters etched into the armored glass tells a story of survival and exemplary engineering that gives our warfighters the confidence to operate in hostile zones.

This encounter ended as a testament to the robustness of the armor, with the operator emerging unscathed after several RPG impacts, a rare but invaluable occurrence in the theater of war. The effectiveness of the layered armored glass, designed to absorb and dissipate the energy of such attacks, underscores our commitment to the highest armor standards and innovation in defense technology.

Transparent Armor Protects the Namer Crew

The IDF Namer APC is one of the world’s most protected armored personnel carriers. Based on the Merkava Main Battle Tank chassis, Namer is fitted with a high-level protection system comprised of passive, reactive, and active protection systems and transparent armor, providing a clear panoramic vision for the commander and driver. In the current Iron Swords war in Gaza, the Namer has encountered numerous attacks by anti-tank rockets and missiles, medium caliber sniper rifles, and small arms weapons. Both passive and active armor proved highly capable of withstanding those attacks. The TA vision blocks tell the story of some of those fierce combat engagements. The damage to the windows was enormous, but the armor fulfilled its mission and protected the crew and passengers inside.

David Light Armored Vehicles Withstand Close-Range Encounters

Another testament to OSG TA capabilities was demonstrated by many David light armored vehicles that took the brunt of the 7 October Hamas attacks and ongoing conflict in the West Bank. David’s windshield has suffered multiple hits by AK47 without penetration, enabling the occupants to return fire and fend off the attacks.

These moments validate our relentless pursuit of excellence in armored glass technology—where every saved life is an immeasurable victory.