OSG: a Journey of Glazing Systems Innovation and Impact

As we step into 2024, OSG is embracing new challenges and opportunities with renewed vigor and purpose.

Building on our legacy of innovation and excellence, we continue to push the boundaries of technology in glazing solutions for defense and transportation applications. We expanded OSG’s global footprint, enhancing ballistic glass and transportation glass product offerings with cutting-edge glazing system solutions. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the evolving needs of our customers and partners while fostering sustainable practices. Let’s take a moment to look at the achievements and milestones we have passed.

Global Impact Through Advanced Solutions

Since the company’s foundation, 45 years ago, our journey took us worldwide, delivering transparent armor and safety glass systems that set new protection, safety, and durability standards on vehicles, aircraft and sea vessels. In transportation, our solutions provided the transparency and safety systems for locomotives and trains. Our transparent armor solutions offered unmatched protection in the defense sector, saving lives and maintaining visibility for security and combatants alike. Our innovative ScreeneX glass-embedded display technology redefines passenger experiences in public transport, offering real-time information and entertainment seamlessly integrated into windows, doors, and partitions of rail cars, trains and busses.

A Year of Collaboration and Industry Leadership

2023 was a year of fruitful collaborations and strategic partnerships for OSG as we broadened our horizons and strengthened industry leadership. Through the year, we also paved the way for strategic partnerships with leading OEMs in defense and transportation, positioning OSG as an exclusive supplier of complete glazing system sets for major programs. These programs are coming into effect in 2024 and beyond. We participated in key industry events, sharing insights and forging connections that will shape the future of safety glass technology, and will continue showcasing our expertise throughout 2024.

We recently celebrated 45 years of OSG and 60 years of Vental’s legacy. Like OSG, Vental has also evolved from a manufacturer of automotive window systems into a world-leading supplier for the railways and the marine industry. These milestones reflect our journey of continuous growth as a group, motivated by our dedication to excellence.

Looking Ahead with Vision and Purpose

In 2024, the OSG group will continue expanding its global footprint, scaling up production across Europe, the USA, and Israel to meet the growing demands of the defense and transportation sectors. We are updating and expanding our manufacturing sites, testing facilities, and certifications to address new market requirements, ensuring that our glazing solutions meet and exceed safety and quality expectations.

As we look to the future, OSG remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, guided by our vision to provide transparent systems for a fast-moving world. We are excited about what lies ahead and are committed to continuing our legacy of innovation and impact.

Thank you to our employees, partners, and customers for participating in our journey.