Scarred but Unbroken!


In the unforgiving landscapes where conflict is a grim reality, the ingenuity of defense technology is often the silent sentinel that stands between peril and safety. The following pictures reflect the results of three encounters with small arms fired at close range, medium-caliber rifles, and RPGs. They provide a clear reflection of the advanced expertise that goes into creating materials capable of withstanding such attacks, allowing our forces to carry out their missions with an assurance that their equipment will not fail them in the crucible of combat.

IDF D9 Bulldozer Withstands a Double Strike from RPGs

This image captures a harrowing moment—a D9 bulldozer’s armored window, designed to withstand the fury of modern battlefields, bears the scars of repeated RPG attacks in Gaza. The web of impact craters etched into the armored glass tells a story of survival and exemplary engineering that gives our warfighters the confidence to operate in hostile zones.

This encounter ended as a testament to the robustness of the armor, with the operator emerging unscathed after several RPG impacts, a rare but invaluable occurrence in the theater of war. The effectiveness of the layered armored glass, designed to absorb and dissipate the energy of such attacks, underscores our commitment to the highest armor standards and innovation in defense technology.

Transparent Armor Protects the Namer Crew

The IDF Namer APC is one of the world’s most protected armored personnel carriers. Based on the Merkava Main Battle Tank chassis, Namer is fitted with a high-level protection system comprised of passive, reactive, and active protection systems and transparent armor, providing a clear panoramic vision for the commander and driver. In the current Iron Swords war in Gaza, the Namer has encountered numerous attacks by anti-tank rockets and missiles, medium caliber sniper rifles, and small arms weapons. Both passive and active armor proved highly capable of withstanding those attacks. The TA vision blocks tell the story of some of those fierce combat engagements. The damage to the windows was enormous, but the armor fulfilled its mission and protected the crew and passengers inside.

David Light Armored Vehicles Withstand Close-Range Encounters

Another testament to OSG TA capabilities was demonstrated by many David light armored vehicles that took the brunt of the 7 October Hamas attacks and ongoing conflict in the West Bank. David’s windshield has suffered multiple hits by AK47 without penetration, enabling the occupants to return fire and fend off the attacks.

These moments validate our relentless pursuit of excellence in armored glass technology—where every saved life is an immeasurable victory.

Ballistic Rated Glass

What Are Smart Uses Of Ballistic Rated Glass?

Glass fabrication is a revolution and this is evident from various uses of fabricated glass pieces. First, you should know what glass fabrication is. It is a technology that allows improving the properties and features of a piece of glass. For example, take bullet-resistant glass. It is a piece of fabricated glass.

Let’s discuss the various uses of fabricated glass


  1. Bulletproofing

When it comes to fabricating a piece of glass, the first thing that comes to mind is bulletproofing. Glass is fragile but fabrication makes it tough enough to withstand the pressure exerted by bullets and blasts. It can be made tough enough to be used for bulletproofing military vehicles and SUVs of heads of state and other important persons.


  1. Train windshields

Ballistic rated glass is just perfect for making impact-resistant windshields for trains. A train moves at a high speed and at this speed, anything that travels with air can easily break the windshield. But toughened glass can withstand anything that can damage a piece of regular glass. Just like train windshields, toughened glass can also be used in helicopters and boats.


  1. Architecture

Fabricated glass is the best material for building façade design. It provides both transparency and protection. Also, it can be used to control the light entering a building. In this way, fabricated glass façade can help keep a building cool in summer. Fabricated glass is suitable for use as windowpanes. You can even make glass doors to keep an eye on visitors to your office.


  1. Smart glass

Fabricated glass can make a smart window display that works like a mobile. This display can be used in trains, buses, and airports. The display can help update the passengers about bus routes, train timings, upcoming flights, availability of seats in trains, canceled flights, and much more. It can customer service experience of passengers.

An interactive window display can be used anywhere including shopping malls and large complexes. They are good to use like digital noticeboards on which you can run any information. For example, a shopping mall uses an interactive display to update about new products, new launches, and discounts.

Glass fabrication can be useful in many ways but the biggest advantage of this technology is the development of a smart window display. With fabricated glass, you can control light and heat. Also, the window can help keep your customers updated about the latest offers of your business.

Interactive Display Systems

How Is The Transport Industry Using Transparent Armor Technology?

Transparent armor technology can be called a breakthrough for defense and security agencies. It is about using glass as a piece of armor. For example, take the windshield of a bulletproof car. Bulletproofing won’t be complete until the vehicle gets a bullet-resistant windshield. Similarly, the windowpanes of the car need to be replaced with blast-resistant glass.

Let’s see how glass fabrication is changing the use of glass


  1. Use Everywhere

A piece of toughened glass can be used anywhere without any worries. Since it is safe from physical damage even from blasts, there is little to worry about toughened glass. For example, you can increase the size of windows without worrying about the safety of the glass. Similarly, toughened glass doors can be replaced with wooden doors. You can keep an eye on outdoors from your glass door.


  1. Bulletproofing made easy

With bulletproof glass, you can make everything safe. Whether it is your windowpane or a glass door, you can feel safe and secure behind the glass. Its bullet-resistance power will protect you from enemy fires and blasts. No one will be able to break the glass barrier so you get enough time to call help.


  1. Get better views

If you are bulletproofing your car, you can increase the size of windshields so you get a better view of the outside. In other words, there will be no shield for your enemies to hide. First, you will feel safe in your car and second, the better and bigger outside view will keep you in a better position. You can see what is happening outside and locate a safe way to get out of a situation.


  1. Safe transportation and traveling

Railways provide safe transportation of goods and travel to long distances. It has been made possible with the built quality of rail engines and bogies. The use of more glass allows travelers to enjoy outside views. Similarly, the engine drivers get a better and bigger of the tracks ahead. The use of glass is increased in rails because the glass is toughened to remain safe.

Impact resistant railway windshield can withstand the pressure of wind and the stray particles that travel with the wind. Also, the glass provides effective protection against rioting mobs. The driver and passengers can feel safe as the glass won’t allow anything including bullets and shrapnel to cause any harm to them. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the new safety windshield has improved the speed of trains.

Smart Window Technology

What Is Smart Window Technology?

Glass fabrication is the technology that can make a piece of glass as strong as a metal without increasing its thickness or weight. A fabricated glass can be used for armored glass solutions like bulletproofing vehicles and making personal protective equipment. But it is only one of the many benefits of bulletproof glass.

Let’s discuss the properties that make fabricated glass useful

  1. Excellent resistance power

Fabricated glass has excellent resistance to force. It is scratch-proof, break-proof, and even bulletproof. It can provide effective protection against bullet fires and blasts. Also, its resistance power can be increased according to needs. A piece of bulletproof glass can be made strong enough to withstand heavy firing and blasts.

  1. Digital display

It is the biggest advantage of glass fabrication. A fabricated glass can made smart by adding digital technology to it. Glass fabrication technology has made it possible to convert a piece of glass into a smart window display that can be used to run Internet ads. It is quite useful for public transport systems where such display units can be installed to inform and update passengers about fares and upcoming stations.

  1. Light Control

Fabricated glass can be fitted with light-controlling technology. It can be used on windows and doors. Its light control feature will be an added advantage as it will allow adjusting the light in the interior area to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. Similarly, the fabricated glass can be made opaque or transparent according to needs.

  1. Beautification

Smart window technology has been a game changer because it makes glass panes suitable for use on facades. You can improve the look and feel of a building with large glass pieces. The fabricated glass will keep the glass façade safe from flying objects and even bullet fires. Also, the technology will make fabricated glass more useful.

  1. Durability

Fabricated glass is more durable. It is so because it remains free from scratches, breaches, and bullet fires. In other words, you won’t have to worry about repairing your glass windows, doors, and façade, if they are made of fabricated glass.


Whether you are looking for armored glass solutions or smart glass, you can rely on fabrication technology. It is the only technology that can fulfill all your needs. Also, you can easily get the glass in the shape and size matching your needs.

Best Armoring Solutions

What Are The Best Armoring Solutions For The Security Industry?

The latest glass fabrication technology has the best armoring solutions for every need from the defense sector to VIP security. A piece of glass can make a security shield around you so you remain safe from sudden attacks and sniper shots. Also, the same glass can protect trains from flying objects and rioting mobs.

Let’s understand today’s security needs and solutions


  1. Defense personnel

Military personnel need safety from sudden attacks and ambushes laid by enemies and terrorists while moving from one place to another. They move in groups and use trucks and jeeps to reach and come out of disturbed zones. If they aren’t safe in their vehicles, they won’t be able to fulfill their duties. Though their vehicles have heavy metal they also need bulletproof glass for windshields and window panes.


  1. Security guards

Army personnel standing guard at important places including government offices, banks, and other important establishments need safety cover to get confidence to deal with strangers. They can stand behind shields made of bullet-resistant glass pieces. Also, they can use handheld shields to control unruly mobs. Luckily glass pieces can be fabricated into any shape and size.


  1. Public dealing

Dealing with the public from behind a bulletproof glass is a great way to boost the safety of workers. For example, take a cash counter where cash is deposited and distributed. The cashier can be made to sit behind a strong shield of fabricated glass to prevent forced entry by anyone who comes to the bank to break into the cash counter.


  1. Construction

Establishments housing important government and corporate offices can benefit from bullet resistant window designs that can keep the insiders safe from sniper attacks and rioting mobs. Also, they can get a clear view of the outside. The window can be opened for fresh air to travel in.


  1. Personal protective equipment

The face shields used in bulletproof helmets are made of high-resistance fabricated glass. It looks thin but is quite powerful. It can’t be pierced with pointed objects or broken with blunt force. The advantage of this shield is it gives a clear view and protects the users from attack.



Glass fabrication has armoring solutions for all needs. Whether you want to bulletproof a vehicle, add a protective shield to your office, or need personal protective equipment, you can rely on glass fabrication. A piece of fabricated glass can easily fit into your needs.

What Is Smart Window Technology?

Fabricated glass has many uses. For example, take armored glass solutions. The latest fabrication technology can convert a piece of regular glass into a piece of armored glass that can be used as a windshield in automobiles. Also, armored glass can be used for making personal protection gear. But there the important thing is fabrication technology.

Let’s understand the fabrication technology and its uses


  1. Armored windshield and windows

Military vehicles have windshields and windows made of bulletproof glass. They need proper bulletproofing to remain safe from enemy attacks. The latest fabrication technology has made it possible to produce glass panels with high-impact resistance. The advantage of these panels is that they can be cut into any shape and size and fitted into any vehicle.


  1. Personal protection gear

Security personnel need personal protection gear like visors to protect their eyes and face. Bulletproof glass provides reliable armored glass solutions. Safety helmets have visors made of bulletproof glass. Similarly, the security personnel need a protective shield they can hold in their hands while controlling unruly mobs. Bulletproof glass is used for making personal protection gear.


  1. Display unit

Fabrication technology can transform a simple piece of glass into a display unit. It can add digital technology to the glass so you can use the glass as a display on which you can open web pages, chat windows, and run advertisements. It is possible as fabrication technology has already reached the next level.


  1. Display window

A smart window display is a display unit designed for use in public places and transport systems. For example, the displays can be installed at airports, railway stations, and malls where the authorities can use the display units to communicate with viewers. Trains can use the displays to aware passengers of coming stations, fare charges, and facilities available.


  1. Façade designing

Façade designing is used in the construction industry. A building can have a glass façade but it won’t be an ordinary glass that can break with little pressure. The glass panels used for façade designing are bulletproof. Also, they can control light and they can be made transparent or opaque according to needs.



Smart window technology is one of the many uses of glass fabrication. Glass fabrication is considered a revolution because it has made glass more useful. Fabricated glass is thin in shape, lightweight, and more attractive. However, the biggest advantage of fabrication technology is it can be used to provide customized solutions.

Armoring Solutions

What Are The Latest Armoring Solutions Of The World?

The world needs the best armoring solutions for the safety of security personnel, important people, and assets including government offices, corporate companies, and transport systems. The solution the world has is bulletproof glass. If all important things can be covered with bulletproof glass, the world can become a safe place.

Let’s discuss the various uses of bulletproof glass

  1. Military vehicles

Vehicles used for transporting security personnel need bulletproofing as they are always under attack by enemies and terrorists. You can say that these vehicles can be covered with heavy metal sheets to provide added protection from bullets and blasts. But you should know that these vehicles also need windshields and window glasses. These glasses should be bulletproofed.


  1. Personal gear

A safety helmet can prove to be the best defense against direct attack from unruly mobs. Security personnel need this helmet while dealing with unsocial elements. The helmet protects the head and the visor on the helmet protects the face and eyes. Made of bullet-resistant glass, the visor keeps security personnel safe from bullets and sharp objects used by unsocial elements.


  1. VIP vehicles

Important political personalities and business tycoons travel in bulletproof vehicles. They use sedans and SUVs that are properly bulletproofed with extra layers of metal and bulletproof glass. The glass used for front and back windshields and windows are bulletproof. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it won’t be possible to bulletproof a vehicle without impact-resistant glass.


  1. Security guard

Security personnel standing guard at important government offices need safety from snipers and sudden attacks. They sit in bulletproof cabins from where they monitor the gates. Sitting in a safe cabin, they can control the movement of people to prevent suspected people from entering the building. They keep an eye on human movement from behind a bullet resistant window.


  1. Building façade

Bulletproof glass panels can be used for the beautification of a building. These glass panels will not only improve the visual look of the building but boost its safety as well. Also, the glass can be used to control light entering the building.



The world armoring solutions should be suitable for all needs. Also, they shouldn’t be an expensive affair. Bulletproof glass is an ideal solution for every need. Whether you need glass for bulletproofing a vehicle or you want to make a security helmet, you will need a piece of glass with high impact resistance.

armoring solutions

What Is Transparent Armor Technology?

Glass fabrication is also called transparent armor technology because the pieces of glass produced with fabrication are used on automobiles and buildings. In this blog, we will discuss the various uses of fabricated glass in the defense sector.

First, you should understand the requirements of the defense sector

The defense industry is also called the security sector. It has tanks for battle and vehicles to transport security personnel to disturbed areas. Also, the industry includes establishments like buildings. The security personnel need safety gear to fulfill their duties. They need bulletproof visors to stand firmly before unsocial elements. Here you can say that they need equipment that can enhance their strength.

In the defense sector, you rely on your eyes to identify enemies without risking your life. It is where transparent armor technology is used. It provides transparency to users and keeps them safe as well. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is only with the help of this technology that security personnel can provide comprehensive security cover to civilized society, the commercial sector, industry, public places, and government agencies.

First, we will discuss the automobile industry

Automobile includes luxury sedans, SUVs, jeeps, trucks, and tanks used by security personnel. These vehicles need glass that provides clear views of the outside and protects the insiders as well. It is called bulletproofing. The vehicles are made bulletproof by strengthening with layers of metal and glass. Bulletproof vehicles are needed not only for transporting security personnel but important personalities as well.

Armored windshields protect people traveling in bulletproof vehicles. The drivers get a clear view of the road so they can find safe ways to escape and the bulletproofing protects the passengers from bullets and blasts. Insiders can see the outside but outsiders can’t see inside bulletproof vehicles. Similar glasses are used for making windows and doors of security establishments.

Buildings housing offices of big businesses and government agencies require full-proof security. The good thing is they can also be bulletproofed using fabricated glass. For example, the buildings can be made beautiful with glass windows and doors. The windows will provide transparency and improve safety as well.

Auto glass manufacturing is in demand and the demand will increase considering the fragile security situation of the world. Vehicles used by the defense industry and important persons need bulletproofing and glass plays a crucial role in bulletproofing vehicles. Similarly, edifices can be made bulletproof.

What Are The Uses Of A Smart Window Display?

Glass is a fragile product because it breaks easily. If you apply pressure on it, it will break into pieces or shreds. Also, it will pierce everything that comes into contact with these shreds. But it can be used for making armored glass solutions with fabrication.

Let’s understand glass fabrication in detail

It is a technology that allows reinforcing glass. The objective is to increase the strength of glass to the point where it becomes reliable. First, it shouldn’t break into shreds because glass shreds are more harmful than bullets. Second, the glass should be able to withstand the force produced by bullets and blasts. For example, our defense vehicles used for transporting security personnel need bulletproof windshields and windows.

Glass fabrication is the only technology that can be used for producing bulletproof windshields. These windshields can protect your security personnel from close-range blasts and stray bullets targeted toward defense vehicles. Also, the windshields provide a clear view to drivers. However, it is only one aspect of glass fabrication. The technology can also be used for making a smart window display.

For example, take the window of a train. It can be used to update travelers about the upcoming stations, stoppage time, and facilities available on the stations. Also, the windows can be used to educate travelers about new routes, ticket prices, and other things. Glass fabrication has made it possible to make windows smart and digital. These windows will transform the travel experience of people.

A digital window display can be used for earning quick money from marketing. Transport agencies can use the displays to run ads and earn profit according to views. Also, they can easily change the ads or keep the displays idle to allow people to have beautiful views of the outside. Glass fabrication has made glass a useful product for both the defense and transport industries.

For example, take a train window. It has to be strong enough to resist an impact. Also, it should be digitalized to be used as a display. Glass fabrication is done to customize glass pieces for specific uses. A digital display can be controlled from a remote area with Wi-Fi control systems.

Glass fabrication has the answer to the present and changing needs of the defense and transport industry. It can provide reliable armored glass solutions to security agencies and establishments. Also, the technology provides digital window solutions to the transport industry.

Interactive Display Systems

What Are The Uses Of Interactive Display Systems In the Transport Sector?

Smart glass technology used in making interactive display systems for modern means of transportation is a game changer. It allows converting a simple-looking piece of glass into a Passenger Information System (PIS) for displaying information about upcoming trains, routes, fares, and other important things.

Let’s discuss the smart glass technology and its uses in detail

Smart glass technology

As evident from the name, the technology makes glasses smart. The window that allows you to take in scenic views from your seat can also be used to display useful information like the next station, amenities available, expected time to reach your destination, important phone numbers, advertisements, and educational material.

A smart window display works just like an LCD. It can be used as a normal window or as an LCD depending on your needs. In transport systems, these windows can be used to establish communication with passengers. The system managers can keep the passengers updated about the confirmation of their tickets, journey timing, number of stations, and emergencies like a breakdown.

How does smart glass technology work?

Smart glass utilizes digital technology that turns the glass into a display unit. But the glass has no control buttons. It is controlled with a remote. Only system administrators have the control of smart glasses. They make necessary settings in the display so the passengers get the necessary communication and information. Smart glass technology has many uses, especially in transportation systems. It can play a crucial role in transforming the travel experience of passengers.

Advantages of smart glass technology

  1. Information Everywhere

With a digital window display, information can be displayed anytime anywhere. In other words, you don’t need to bring passengers or customers to a specific place to send communication. You can easily use the smart glass technology to reach out to the commuters and keep them updated about the services.


  1. Entertainment

Smart glass technology can be used to entertain passengers. You can short movies and other educational content on the displays to entertain the commuters. In this way, you can keep them engaged with your services. It will enhance the travel experience of passengers to the manifold.


  1. Marketing

Interactive display systems can be used for marketing and branding. In other words, you can even make quick money by running advertisements for brands that want to expand their reach. Smart glass can be used as a marketing platform for profit.