What Are The Non-Military Uses Of Bulletproof Glass?

If you are new to the technology used for making bulletproof glass, you will be surprised to know that this product has many uses. It is used as a windshield on military vehicles. Also, it is used to customize private care used by political personalities and business leaders. Demand for this product is certain to increase in the coming days.

How a reinforced glass is produced?

It is a technology that reinforces ordinary glass and makes it super strong. You can say that an ordinary piece is customized to make transparent armor. Once finished, it can be used as a windshield in a car or as a transparent door of an office. It can be trimmed, cut, and fixed like a regular door but it doesn’t compromise the safety of the users.

A piece of armor glass is what a military vehicle needs to keep its passengers safe. It is only after getting a powerful windshield and window panes that a military vehicle becomes ready to carry out rescue operations in difficult terrains. This vehicle can enter amid raining bullets and drop the soldiers at strategic locations from where they can rain bullets on enemies.

How reinforced glass is tested?

Reinforced glass undergoes strict testing before it is certified as fit for use on vehicles. The final product is made to withstand the force of bullets of various sizes and from different ranges. The focus is on making it as strong as possible. An armored vehicle is covered with heavy metal and if its windshield is weaker than the body, the security of the vehicle will be compromised.

Anti-ballistic glass is certified by the manufacturer only when it withstands the pressure exerted by bullets from close range. The product is then shipped to market from where it is delivered to vehicle makers that customize military vehicles. Also, glass is used to improve the strength of personal vehicles used by important persons.

Who can buy reinforced glass?

Anyone who wants to boost their security can buy this glass. Presently it is used by car makers and manufacturers of public transport including trains and trams. The glass is more suitable for making windshields, window panes, and transparent doors.

The use of bulletproof glass can empower our soldiers and boost their confidence. They won’t have to worry about bullets and blasts while moving in armored vehicles. These vehicles can take them to strategic locations and safe places from where they can carry out their operations.

5 Amazing Uses Of Ballistic-Rated Glass

If you are of the opinion that a bullet resistant window is good for protection only then you are looking at only the half-truth. The glass used in this window has excellent resistance to objects running at a high speed. Also, it can withstand explosives and blasts. You will be surprised to know about its various uses.

Various uses of armored glass

  1. Light Control

A smart glass allows total control over the light traveling from it. For example, you can make the glass totally opaque to prevent outsiders from peeping inside your office or store. Similarly, you can turn the glass translucent during the day so you get some sunlight to light your building. You only need to press a button to change the properties of the glass used in façade design or windows.

  1. Noise control

A ballistic-rated glass can easily control noise. It can work as a noise-cancellation device. Once you closed the doors and windows, you can cut your office from the outside. It is a great way to create a calm and tranquil work environment in the indoor area. Your staff will work peacefully. If you run a store, you can use this glass to keep your store free from noise so the buyers can explore products without disturbance.

  1. Improve energy efficiency

How many heating and air conditioning units do you need to keep your building comfortable during extreme weather conditions? Do you know that HVAC units consume energy and put unnecessary pressure on the environment? But there is little need to use HVAC machines for cooling or warmth when you have the option to use smart glass solutions to make your building more energy efficient.

  1. Advertising benefits

Do you know that smart glass technology can change a piece of simple-looking glass into a digital display? It is possible and you only need to push a button to change the features, functions, and uses of bullet-resistant glass. It will protect your business from attacks and help in marketing as well.

  1. Safety

Safety is the prime objective of smart glass. It is made blast resistant so it can withstand the force generated by explosives and keep the insiders safe. Also, it will improve visibility. For example, you can get a clear view of the outside but outsiders won’t be able to see through the glass. Also, you can set the glass on your automobile.

How Is Bulletproof Glass Used In Façade Designing?

Bulletproof glass has found uses in civil society. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this piece of glass is more valuable for civil society where it can be used for designing facades of large commercial complexes, doors, windows, and digital displays.

Let’s discuss the civilian uses of a blast resistance glass

  1. Façade designing

A glass façade looks more beautiful than concrete and tiles. But the real benefit lies in the properties of glass. It can control light and noise. For example, you can allow more sunlight to enter your building in winter and reduce the amount of light entering the building in summer so you can make the building comfortable for people working in the building.

  1. Energy saving

Anti-ballistic glass can save energy by allowing you to control the light. Sunrays can heat up indoors if you allow the sunrays to enter the building. Concrete and tiled surfaces can’t do much. It can reflect only a small amount of light and get heated on coming into contact with sunlight. But glass can reflect the light without getting heated. It can keep a structure cool in summer and warm in winter requiring little need for heating and air conditioning.

  1. Enhanced privacy

Glass is transparent. It will allow outsiders to peep inside. Or in other words, it will require more investment in the form of curtains and blinds. But smart glass is different. It can be turned opaque to increase privacy or make translucent to allow some light to light the indoors. With smart glass technology, you can switch the use of your glass façade and window.

  1. Marketing

A piece of armor glass can be used as a digital display with the help of technology. In this way, you can use your door or window for marketing. Also, you can run advertisements about your business or the products you sell. Similarly, you can use the digital display to educate the viewers about your services and offers.

  1. Protection

Smart glass technology can enhance the safety of a building from stray bullets and even targeted attacks. It will keep your investment safe from terror attacks and other unsocial activities.


Bulletproof glass has many uses. It works as a protective barrier in automobiles and improves the visual appeal of buildings and edifices. Also, it can be used for marketing and branding. It has many uses and you can change its use with a remote control.

Why Does Automobile Industry Need Ballistic Rated Glass?

A military vehicle used for transporting soldiers uses everything bulletproof. The metal used for designing the vehicle can withstand bullets and blasts. Also, the glass used in the vehicle is of the highest ballistic-rated glass. This piece passes many quality checks to become suitable for use on military vehicles.

Here we’ll discuss the procedure of making a bulletproof glass


The process starts with developing glass and then providing its strength. It is made tough so it can withstand pressure. It won’t break even on coming into contact with a high-speed bullet. It won’t show any sign of exhaustion even when it is attacked from a close range. The manufacturing process has several phases to make sure that the product passes all quality tests.


Anti-ballistic glass is a product of the highest quality. In quality testing, the product is made to withstand bullets from all ranges including close range. It is allowed to enter the second phase only when it passes the first phase. The manufacturers don’t make any compromise on the quality of products and for this reason, they keep testing their products.


The cost of military-grade glass is always high in comparison to the ordinary product. But military-grade glass is no ordinary product. It is developed for a specific use which is to improve the durability and reliability of military vehicles. Manufacturers keep the cost of military-grade glass affordable to help the defense forces of the world. Also, the military organizations of the world choose their products selectively.

How to choose military-grade glass?

A piece of bullet-resistant glass is developed after years of research and development. Also, the manufacturers keep developing their products to meet the quality standards. You should know that military organizations of the world keep improving their quality standards. The bullets that were used ten years back are no longer in use.

A product is tested with new bullets so it meets all quality standards. Also, manufacturers keep their products up-to-date to bag orders from world military organizations. They also get orders for bulletproof glass from the automobile industry. World political leaders and business tycoons travel in bulletproof vehicles.

The automobile industry uses ballistic-rated glass to produce bulletproof vehicles for world political leaders and business tycoons. This glass is produced and used on demand and the demand for this product is growing day by day. It is so because everyone needs a bulletproof vehicle to travel safely.

OSG acquires longtime Spanish partner, Vental

Daniel Cohen, CEO of OSG, a world leader in smart glazing solutions, is proud to announce the company’s acquisition of Manufacturas Vental S.A. (www.vental.es), Spanish designers and manufacturers of windows and other advanced aluminum systems for railway, automotive and marine applications, headed by CEO CarlosMaiso.  Longtime partners, OSG and Vental mutually benefit from the acquisition and are excited to embark upon future developments together: OSG will now be able to expand its reach and services into the European market, while Vental, still under the same management, will be able to offer their customers complete glazing solutions and enjoy faster, more seamless and uninterrupted product manufacturing processes. Vental customers can expect the same great products and services, elevated by OSG’s cutting-edge experience and expertise.

For more info please follow the link: VENTAL Acquisition or visit the website: https://www.vental.es


OSG introduces onboard ScreeneX embedded glass screens


USA: Currently being trialled on light rail vehicles in New Jersey and suburban trains Germany, ScreeneX embedded glass screen technology was launched in the North American market by supplier Oran Safety Glass at the APTA trade show in Atlanta.

ScreeneX has already been deployed in numerous station and outdoor applications, but Israeli firm OSG sees significant potential for onboard use in the rail sector, particularly for provision of real-time information. The embedded screens would use all of the existing elements of a window or internal screen, and can be powered from the vehicle’s existing auxiliary supply.

One application being trialled is the use of screens by doorways to highlight the train’s destinations and stopping patterns. ‘This could really help to reduce dwell time in suburban and metro operations, giving people immediately visible information, whether from inside the saloon or from the platform’, says Chris Grilliot, Vice-President of Sales, Rail & Transit. ‘Advertising and entertainment services could also be added, meaning the window delivers a return on investment.’