Bullet-Resistant Glass

What Are The Civilian Uses Of A Bullet-Resistant Glass?

A piece of glass can be fabricated to change its uses. Starting from bulletproofing to controlling light, it can be used in different ways. It can be a bullet-resistant glass useful for military applications or it can be a decorative piece for facade improvement. In this blog, we will discuss various uses of a piece of fabricated glass.

Military uses

Military vehicles need bulletproofing to keep going in border areas, forests, and other high-risk zones. Trucks used for movement of troops are designed to tread for off-roading. They can take armed soldiers and commandos safely to disturbed areas and rescue them from battlefields. Military trucks are made strong with thick metal plates. But the bulletproofing is completed only when they get powerful windshields. Bulletproof windshields give a clear view of the area and keep the soldiers safe from stray bullets.

VIP security

Vehicles used for VIP movement and security are properly bulletproofed with heavy metal plates and windshields. VIPs sitting inside their SUVs remain invisible to outsiders but the large windscreen allows a clear view of the road ahead. A large windscreen is needed to find the safest and shortest way to avoid confronting situations. VIPs of the world rely on armored glass solutions for safe movements.

Façade designing

A glass façade looks more beautiful because of its shine. Also, it remains young forever. In other words, glass doesn’t age. Once cleaned, it becomes new again. But fabricated glass used for façade designing can do more than beautify a building. It allows sunlight control, noise control, and maintaining privacy.

Personal protection

Armored glass solutions are needed for making personal protective gear like bulletproof helmets. A steel helmet can protect your head from stray bullets aimed at your head. But you need a piece of glass to cover your face. It should keep your face safe from frontal attacks and provide a clear view as well.

Glass fabrication technology has civilian uses as well. Toughened fabricated glass can be used for making impact-resistant train windshields. Similarly, toughened glass can be used for making bulletproof doors and windows of important establishments.

Also, a piece of glass can be fabricated into a smart window display connected to a remote control center from where it can be operated. It can be used to provide important updates like weather, flight timings, train timings, and nearby amenities to people. Also, it can be used to run advertisements to make a profit.