How Is Bulletproof Glass Used By The Construction Industry?

Glass fabrication with CNC machining technology has made it possible to produce toughened glass pieces that can be used as armor against bullets and blasts. An armor glass has many uses in addition to making bullet-proof vehicles.

Let’s understand the process of fabricating glasses and their uses

  1. Military vehicles

Trucks and jeeps used by soldiers have toughened windshields and window panes. These windshields can withstand close-range fires and heavy blasts. They will remain firm even in heavy firing. Also, they provide clear views so the driver and passenger have a clear view of the road and surrounding area. Outsiders can see the passengers but they can’t hit the passengers. The toughened glass will protect the passengers.

  1. Civilian vehicles

Bulletproof glass is used in civilian vehicles used by business leaders and heads of state. These SUVs look simple from the outside but they are well protected with heavy metal and transparent armor. Bulletproofing an SUV can add a little weight to the vehicle but adding a toughened windshield prevents the vehicles from becoming bulky.

  1. Architectural glass

Concrete buildings can provide a sense of safety but they can’t help in saving energy. For example, you will need lighting solutions and air conditioning to light the interior and make it comfortable. It is where you can take advantage of architectural glass. If the exterior of the building is made of fabricated glass, it can provide natural light and control climate as well.

Using anti-ballistic glass for architecture is a great idea. It will beautify the building, provide added safety from bullets and blasts, allow natural light to travel inside, and help in controlling climate. Also, you can turn the glass opaque so you can keep the interior safe from envious eyes. Since the glass is toughened, you need not worry about its safety or upkeep.

  1. Glass doors

The glass used for making doors and window panes is fabricated for tough use. The advantage of toughened glass is it provides both safety and transparency. For example, it can’t be forced open as it can’t be broken even with bullets. Also, it will improve the acoustics of the interior. You can maintain peace and privacy in the interior.


Armor glass has multiple uses in the security and automobile sectors. The construction and architectural industry has also recognized the advantages of fabricated glass. Today toughened glass is widely used in designing safety products like ballistic shields and environment-friendly edifices.

What Are The Non-Military Uses Of Bulletproof Glass?

If you are new to the technology used for making bulletproof glass, you will be surprised to know that this product has many uses. It is used as a windshield on military vehicles. Also, it is used to customize private care used by political personalities and business leaders. Demand for this product is certain to increase in the coming days.

How a reinforced glass is produced?

It is a technology that reinforces ordinary glass and makes it super strong. You can say that an ordinary piece is customized to make transparent armor. Once finished, it can be used as a windshield in a car or as a transparent door of an office. It can be trimmed, cut, and fixed like a regular door but it doesn’t compromise the safety of the users.

A piece of armor glass is what a military vehicle needs to keep its passengers safe. It is only after getting a powerful windshield and window panes that a military vehicle becomes ready to carry out rescue operations in difficult terrains. This vehicle can enter amid raining bullets and drop the soldiers at strategic locations from where they can rain bullets on enemies.

How reinforced glass is tested?

Reinforced glass undergoes strict testing before it is certified as fit for use on vehicles. The final product is made to withstand the force of bullets of various sizes and from different ranges. The focus is on making it as strong as possible. An armored vehicle is covered with heavy metal and if its windshield is weaker than the body, the security of the vehicle will be compromised.

Anti-ballistic glass is certified by the manufacturer only when it withstands the pressure exerted by bullets from close range. The product is then shipped to market from where it is delivered to vehicle makers that customize military vehicles. Also, glass is used to improve the strength of personal vehicles used by important persons.

Who can buy reinforced glass?

Anyone who wants to boost their security can buy this glass. Presently it is used by car makers and manufacturers of public transport including trains and trams. The glass is more suitable for making windshields, window panes, and transparent doors.

The use of bulletproof glass can empower our soldiers and boost their confidence. They won’t have to worry about bullets and blasts while moving in armored vehicles. These vehicles can take them to strategic locations and safe places from where they can carry out their operations.

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How Is Bulletproof Glass Used In Façade Designing?

Bulletproof glass has found uses in civil society. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this piece of glass is more valuable for civil society where it can be used for designing facades of large commercial complexes, doors, windows, and digital displays.

Let’s discuss the civilian uses of a blast resistance glass

  1. Façade designing

A glass façade looks more beautiful than concrete and tiles. But the real benefit lies in the properties of glass. It can control light and noise. For example, you can allow more sunlight to enter your building in winter and reduce the amount of light entering the building in summer so you can make the building comfortable for people working in the building.

  1. Energy saving

Anti-ballistic glass can save energy by allowing you to control the light. Sunrays can heat up indoors if you allow the sunrays to enter the building. Concrete and tiled surfaces can’t do much. It can reflect only a small amount of light and get heated on coming into contact with sunlight. But glass can reflect the light without getting heated. It can keep a structure cool in summer and warm in winter requiring little need for heating and air conditioning.

  1. Enhanced privacy

Glass is transparent. It will allow outsiders to peep inside. Or in other words, it will require more investment in the form of curtains and blinds. But smart glass is different. It can be turned opaque to increase privacy or make translucent to allow some light to light the indoors. With smart glass technology, you can switch the use of your glass façade and window.

  1. Marketing

A piece of armor glass can be used as a digital display with the help of technology. In this way, you can use your door or window for marketing. Also, you can run advertisements about your business or the products you sell. Similarly, you can use the digital display to educate the viewers about your services and offers.

  1. Protection

Smart glass technology can enhance the safety of a building from stray bullets and even targeted attacks. It will keep your investment safe from terror attacks and other unsocial activities.


Bulletproof glass has many uses. It works as a protective barrier in automobiles and improves the visual appeal of buildings and edifices. Also, it can be used for marketing and branding. It has many uses and you can change its use with a remote control.