Armoring Solutions

Which Glass Provides The Best Armoring Solutions?

Glass fabrication has armoring solutions for all forces including the Army, Air Force, and Navy. A piece of fabricated glass is transparent armor as it provides clear visibility and improves safety. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it helps in the movement of troops by shielding them from bullets and blasts.

Let’s discuss the uses of fabricated glass in the defense sector

  1. Military applications

Military vehicles including trucks and jeeps are fitted with bulletproof windshields. These vehicles use thick layers of metal plates to remain bulletproof but they need fabricated glass for windshields. Troops moving along borders and disturbed areas are often subjected to sudden attacks by enemies or insurgent groups. They patrol the border and disturb areas in bulletproof vehicles with strong windshields that allow them to keep moving even amid heavy firing.

  1. Paramilitary and VIP applications

Civilian security is as important as the security of troops. Also, civilian vehicles such as SUVs used by important persons are properly bulletproofed using ballistic-rated glass at windshields and window panes. It is fabricated glass that can withstand bullet fires and blasts. The glass doesn’t shred on coming into contact with bullets.

  1. Helicopter cockpit protection

Helicopters play a crucial role in aerial surveys of disturbed areas. Also, the flying machines used for surveying use large glasses to provide a bigger view of the ground. Luckily this glass has a high ballistic rating that keeps it safe from stray bullets fired by hidden insurgents. Also, the fabricated glass manages UV radiation.

  1. Marine applications

Ships and other watercrafts used for patrolling maritime boundaries are equipped with high-endurance anti-ballistic glass to strengthen the security of defense personnel manning the watercraft. Also, this glass can withstand tough sea conditions including thermal shocks and atmospheric changes.

  1. Personal protection

Law enforcement troops deployed to control unruly mobs need a bulletproof dress that provides them complete coverage from head to toe. They wear helmets with bulletproof visors to remain safe from frontal attacks during man-to-man control. Also, they hold large glass shields to prevent attack stones, bottles, and canes.

It is only glass fabrication that can provide complete armoring solutions to the world. It has made it possible to bulletproof vehicles, helicopters, and watercraft. Also, a piece of glass can be fabricated in any shape or size to meet individual needs. Fabricated glass does more than simply bulletproofing. It provides acoustic insulation and safety from UV rays.