Best Armoring Solutions

What Are The Best Armoring Solutions For The Security Industry?

The latest glass fabrication technology has the best armoring solutions for every need from the defense sector to VIP security. A piece of glass can make a security shield around you so you remain safe from sudden attacks and sniper shots. Also, the same glass can protect trains from flying objects and rioting mobs.

Let’s understand today’s security needs and solutions


  1. Defense personnel

Military personnel need safety from sudden attacks and ambushes laid by enemies and terrorists while moving from one place to another. They move in groups and use trucks and jeeps to reach and come out of disturbed zones. If they aren’t safe in their vehicles, they won’t be able to fulfill their duties. Though their vehicles have heavy metal they also need bulletproof glass for windshields and window panes.


  1. Security guards

Army personnel standing guard at important places including government offices, banks, and other important establishments need safety cover to get confidence to deal with strangers. They can stand behind shields made of bullet-resistant glass pieces. Also, they can use handheld shields to control unruly mobs. Luckily glass pieces can be fabricated into any shape and size.


  1. Public dealing

Dealing with the public from behind a bulletproof glass is a great way to boost the safety of workers. For example, take a cash counter where cash is deposited and distributed. The cashier can be made to sit behind a strong shield of fabricated glass to prevent forced entry by anyone who comes to the bank to break into the cash counter.


  1. Construction

Establishments housing important government and corporate offices can benefit from bullet resistant window designs that can keep the insiders safe from sniper attacks and rioting mobs. Also, they can get a clear view of the outside. The window can be opened for fresh air to travel in.


  1. Personal protective equipment

The face shields used in bulletproof helmets are made of high-resistance fabricated glass. It looks thin but is quite powerful. It can’t be pierced with pointed objects or broken with blunt force. The advantage of this shield is it gives a clear view and protects the users from attack.



Glass fabrication has armoring solutions for all needs. Whether you want to bulletproof a vehicle, add a protective shield to your office, or need personal protective equipment, you can rely on glass fabrication. A piece of fabricated glass can easily fit into your needs.